Democrats More Positive About Socialism Than Capitalism

by Steve MacDonald August 14, 2018

As some Democrats look for ways to run away from the reality of their political baggage Gallup comes along and shoots them in the kneecaps. For the first time in Gallup’s measurement over the past decade, Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than they do of capitalism. The problem? The indoctrination is working. But […]

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Blogline of the Day – so true, so true

by Skip August 6, 2018

The difference between Russians and Democrats is that Russians rejected socialism. As seen at the latest Donald Trump rally: The difference between Russians and Democrats is that Russians rejected socialism. — Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) August 5, 2018 Per usual, Democrats / Liberals / Progressives / Socialists show why comedy is dying –

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Didn’t Wiley E. Coyote used to jump off cliffs as well?

by Skip August 6, 2018

Go ahead, Socialists (there is no such thing as a “Democrat” Socialist just as there are no “Progressives” – they are just all Socialists now as Newsweek once said) feel free to jump off that cliff.  Just remember – we Normals don’t want to go with you.  Just leave us alone.  Go to Venezuela and […]

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Let’s remind people why we split from King George and beat the Redcoats

by Skip August 1, 2018

Only $15 (down from $22.95) – isn’t competition and Capitalism grand? No, this is not an ad by Libertarian COuntry on the ‘Grok.  Rather, it’s a reminder of how far stalwart Liberty loving Americans (as opposed to the Berni-bros and Ocasio-Cortez’ers slouching to Socialism) were willing to stand up to abusers and oppressors.  Taxation for a limited […]

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While We’re Hitting on Socialism: A Tip From Stalin

by Mike July 29, 2018

Since socialism frequently leads to deprivation and starvation, and thus to dark humor on the part of its subjects, this meme is just a perfect illustration. On a good day, socialism makes all the plebes equally miserable; on a bad day it kills them. Illustration from

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-ism and stances

by Skip July 29, 2018

OK, from my previous post, you know a bit about her political philosophy/campaign stances from this 28-year-old barista with a Boston University double major in International Relations and Economics that is now the Democrat candidate for Congress in NY-14 (Queens) Free healthcare: “Medicare for all” – a cost between $14 and $28 trillion over 10 […]

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Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Understand Socialism?

by Skip July 29, 2018

UPDATE: THAT was weird!  When I first posted this up, instead of the intended video, it showed Mike’s video of Steve Negron! What the HECK??? It seems fine now but please know Negron is NO fan of Ocasio-No Cortex. Apologies for raising anyone’s blood pressure or morning coffee spewing… ***************** She is the wonderkid from […]

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House Democrats Should Change “Mid-Term Slogan” to ‘We Hate You’

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2018

A year ago Congressional Democrats rolled out a tagline for the upcoming midterms. ‘A Better Deal.’ For who? In New Hampshire, if we believe the Democrats around here, that amounts to higher taxes and more regulations. So it’s a better deal for Democrats, lobbyists, and special interests who benefit from higher taxes and bigger government. Seeing […]

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A Short Primer on Socialism vs Democratic Socialism

by Tom July 16, 2018

This is everything you need to know: As Skip and Steve so insightfully told us, they both lead to the same ugly, painful result, taking only slightly different paths.

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Do They Sell the Ocasio-Cortez Socialist Makeover ‘Kit’ on QVC?

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2018

The new face of the Democrat party civil war, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, wasn’t always the stylized portrait of the Socialist we know her as today. A few years ago she was a budding entrepreneur with a different dream. Sometime between 2011 and 2018, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was transformed from an earnest and nerdy wannabe entrepreneur into a […]

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Data Point – And it wasn’t Socialism that caused this!

by Skip July 2, 2018

“In 1820, 94% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. In 1990, 34.8%, and in 2015, just 9.6%.”   …In the last quarter century, more than 1.25 billion people escaped extreme poverty – that equates to over 138,000 people (i.e., 38,000 more than the Parisian crowd that greeted Father Wresinski in 1987) being lifted […]

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Well, I guess this answers The Question of “what is the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?”

by Skip July 2, 2018

This is the question that has been around for a while now that many high level Democrats refused to answer.  Now, as we are seeing, they’re fine in coming out of the Communist closet (as it were).  As Steve pointed out, “Democrat Socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her Congressional District Primary in NY by knocking off […]

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Why Did Socialist Dem Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lie?

by Steve MacDonald July 2, 2018

The Daily Mail broke a story about Socialist Dem darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s the candidate who beat the long-time Democrat incumbent Joe Crowley who was in line for a shot at a Speaker gig if the Democrats took back the House. Well, Alexandria sold herself as a Jenny from the block sort. The kid from a working-class […]

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400 Calories of Communism

by Steve MacDonald June 9, 2018

See also, Venezuelan Socialism, Democrat Socialism, Sanders (I) Socialsim, and so on.

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Vermont Sets aside One Million in ‘Bribes’ to Attract New Residents

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2018

The People running the People’s Republic of Vermont (into the ground) have decided to offer 10,000.00 dollar bribes to the first 100 people who qualify for what they are calling a Remote-Worker Grant Program. To get the cash incentive you have to move yourself and your remote-work job to the Green Mountain State, (and then pay […]

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No successful model of Socialism

by Skip June 1, 2018

True.  VERY true: (H/T: Susan)

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Been happening since the 1880s – a foreign attack that has never gone away

by Skip May 18, 2018

After all, it made them feel better about themselves in lusting after “a higher status in life” than they’d ordinarily have.  Still do. They just keep forgetting about what happened when their lifespan of being useful idiots is over (re: The Long March). (H/T: Powerline)

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DISQUS Doodlings – where Dan Williams puts himself into a capitalist Mobius strip…and falls off

by Skip May 1, 2018

Once again we see the Left on display complaining that life won’t manifest itself into their whine of “equal outcomes.”  The piece by Katharine Gregg (after the jump) complains about what most Progressives do – gee, some people have a head start and familial leg up on the rest of us; she labels that “opportunity […]

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Ah yes, the only…

by Skip April 22, 2018

…thing that Socialism is REALLY good at is violence. (H/T: Powerline)

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Notable Quote – Kristian Niemietz

by Skip April 17, 2018

Socialists usually react with genuine irritation when a political opponent mentions an earlier, failed socialist project. They cannot see this is anything other than a straw man, and a cheap shot. As a result, they refuse to address the question why those attempts have turned out the way they did. According to contemporary socialists, previous socialist leaders […]

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Here’s an Idea…

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2018

And no, not as guests of the regime.

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Notable Quote – Bob Higgs

by Skip April 1, 2018

Socialism’s greatest appeal springs from its promise of economic equality. Many people, upon their first encounter with the ideology, find this promise the very heart and soul of justice. Yet, completely apart from whether such an outcome could or would ever be attained in practice, a great and insuperable problem remains: in a world where […]

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The ‘Resistance’ Is anything But…

by Steve MacDonald March 17, 2018

The left has labeled itself as ‘The resistance’ but when you consider what they are resisting it’s not flattering so let’s consider it. The Resistance is resiting free speech. They want the government to limit speech, compel speech, to have power over the spoken and written word and the mediums used to convey it. Another […]

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Blogline of the Day: “How Cool is Socialism?

by Mike March 17, 2018

Well, brainwashed Millenials may think Socialism is cool, but I think this rejoinder takes the cake: “Just ask a Venezuelan…… or his pet rabbit!” Not only is inflation of the worthless Venezuelan Bolivar over 7000%, but food is so scarce that many citizens are reduced to scavenging, and President Maduro recently advised his people to […]

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Seattle continues its embrace of Karl Marx’s “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

by Skip March 3, 2018

“…the task force was told to consider “new progressive revenue sources,…” I just slowly shake my head.  We’ve covered Seattle’s silliness (except it really is disheartening) over the years as Statism / Socialism seems to have grabbed hard on its leaders (at least one is outright and proud Socialist) as it deploys policies that keep […]

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Notable Quote – Kevin Williamson

by Skip February 23, 2018

“The difference between communism and socialism is that under socialism central planning ends with a gun in your face, whereas under communism central planning begins with a gun in your face.” –Kevin Williamson (writer, author) (H/T: The Truth About Guns) And Susan notes:

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Notable Quote – The Chinese version of the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving?

by Skip February 13, 2018

I always try to remind myself to post the story of the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving – made possible from the radical shift from Socialism (which is how the Colony started as an economic system) to Capitalism.  Seems like Capitalism, regardless of what the Chinese Communist Party may wish to have admitted, just always beats Socialism […]

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Yep, we’re gonna be in the BEST of hands, eh?

by Skip February 10, 2018

(H/T: Powerline)

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When you don’t know your history as you work in the present…

by Skip February 6, 2018

SHOT: Rupert Darwall on the Alarming Roots of Environmentalism. If you look at what the Nazis were doing in the 1930s, in their environmental policies, virtually every theme you see in the modern environmental movement, the Nazis were doing. It happens to be historical fact that the Nazis were the first political party in the world […]

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NHHFC on the defeat of HB628 Paid Family Leave in the House Commerce an Consumer Affairs Committee

by Op-Ed January 31, 2018

New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus Comments on House Commerce Committee Recommending Defeat of Paid Medical Leave Bill HB 628 Concord – The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) today commended the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee for recommending HB 628 as Inexpedient to Legislate. The bill would have created a 0.5% tax on income, […]

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