Megan Rapinoe

Lesbian World Cup Socialism!

I self-identify as a lesbian so shout out to the brotherhood of the sisterhood. I suspect there are a lot of ‘men’ like me out there living in the shadows. Peacefully using men’s public bathrooms without protest. Even doing our part to protect the Republic.

Wanna See a Leftist Backpedal?

Yesterday, Merrimack State Rep Rosemarie Rung (contact info) called Trump supporters traitors (here) because the President visited North Korea. Now, wouldn’t you think that after the past 20+ years of war and conflict, this sort of diplomacy would be applauded over saber-rattling and war-mongering? But if Trump had instead decided to call an airstrike on …

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Prager U Fascism

“Is Fascism Right or Left?”

Yesterday I put up a “different” Notable Quote listing a few quotes by Benito Mussolini – Il Duce of Italy back in the 1930 and 1940s who aligned himself with Adolph Hitler during WWII as part of the Axis Powers.  I did it because I wanted to show that Fascism is STATE oriented like the …

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US Senator Maggie Hassan (“The Red”): re-RE-defining our common language – “access”

Wordnik: noun The ability or right to approach, enter, exit, communicate with, or make use of. Traditionally, access to something means the ability to use it.  It doesn’t have to intimate cost, price, process, or anything else. It only means I can procure it.  Like buying groceries or a new car. I have access to a …

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