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Jeanie Forrester – misses the point on Social Security but praises its redistributional aspects

by Skip December 6, 2016

Bastiat is rolling in his grave. About to be former NH State Senator Jeanie Forrester (but “selected” to be NH GOP Chair, according to NH GOP Committeeman Steve “Bikini Man On A Plane” Duprey, NH Senate President Chuck Morse and Gov-to-be Chris Sununu) decided that she just had to write an Op-Ed praising Social Security (full […]

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Rand Paul – “Addicted to Spending” – You’re All Guilty

by Steve MacDonald October 4, 2016

Congress looks to pilfer $150 Billion from Social Security. Sen. Paul had something to say about that. They still voted to spend it, but at least he took a stand. H/T JP Marzullo – Facebook

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Let’s Expand Government Programs Because – More Fraud!

by Steve MacDonald April 28, 2016
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Bonita Kitson of Concord collected social security benefits from 2008-2010. When she married in 2010 neither her or her husband–who was also collecting government goodies, reported the marriage. In 2014, when Kitson tried to collect a lump sum Social Security death benefit after that husband died, the geniuses in the government said, “husband?”

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Rand Paul on Robbing Social Security

by Steve MacDonald October 31, 2015
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Good stuff

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Data Point – And Progressives keep saying its a GREAT investment??

by Skip April 14, 2014

Gosh, and I thought everyone knew that those late into a Ponzi scheme gets screwed! Demographics rule this world, and Progressive policies that have made it more and more expensive to have the larger families that easily supported the underpinnings of SS (i.e., lots of workers to support retired) will end up killing their own […]

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Once again, Government has acted to both split up families and have smaller ones if they survive

by Skip December 4, 2013

As Rush points out, it is the Left that has been, continues to, and will continue to attack what used to be seen as the main building block of both Civil Society and our Republic – the traditional family of a committed husband/ father and wife / mother that own the main responsibility of raising […]

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Millionaire Elizabeth Warren’s Brother Barely Gets By On Social Security

by Steve MacDonald April 11, 2013

I get emails with transcripts to the Rush Limbaugh show which I rarely look at but this caught my eye.  Obama’s budget, the White House Budget, is using something called chained CPI, and Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is upset about that.  She is upset because it could result in her brother getting less in Social […]

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Getting outside the echo chamber: “The Right opposes Social Security because…every person has worth….” Part 2

by Skip March 11, 2013

The Right opposes Social Security because it is based on the social democratic idea that every person has worth, even if they are too old to work, and that no one should live in poverty. And so we debate!  I received Professor Joseph Schwartz’s opening remarks on the defense of this line written by Maria […]

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Spending as A Percetage of GDP 1950 – 2010

by Steve MacDonald January 22, 2013

A new study from the St. Louis Fed has provided us with this nifty graph. The Graph below shows spending by major categories as a percentage of GDP.  Some may find this surprising. There are more charts at the link, also here at Hot Air.  Take particular note of the graphs on revenue and spending relative […]

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Email Doodlings – “Ah yes, the generational redistribution plan!”

by Skip October 17, 2012

Again, from ‘Grok Loyal reader in Dayton: Social Security benefits increase Skip – how is it that benefits increase when Middle America has lost 20% of their income over the last 4 yrs? I would have expected benefits to decrease, or at least freeze. Why should grandma & grandpa get a raise when I got […]

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Data Point – Social Security is going in the dumper (Too many Boomers)

by Skip October 12, 2012

The old Blue Social model, based on Progressive philosophy that Government is best suited to take care of people (as opposed to family, neighbors, and friends), was built on two assumptions: Population growth would always continue (e.g., big families so as to tax Generation B for the benefits to be given to Generation A) The […]

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GrokTV Special Interview – Rick Parent (Candidate, Congress (NHCD-1) – Question 8 – How fix Social Security / Medicare entitlements due to demographics?

by Skip July 23, 2012

The biggest expenses in the Federal budget that are driving the national debt (and will continue as the “rabbit in the snake” of Baby Boomers retire) are Social Security and Medicare.  With crashing demographics and the money “alternatively used” by Federal Agencies, how would you fix this problem that could bankrupt the nation?  Question 8: […]

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Grokipedia – Forward (generic name of socialist publications)

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2012

Forward (generic name of socialist publications) (The Wikipedia entry ‘Forward’ has been saved from deletion.  Wikipedia may have censored it, but “Grokipedia” will not.  While we have restored all the original links–mostly to other Wikipedia pages–we cannot promise that Wikipedia will not also delete these pages in their mad-dash to protect and defend the current […]

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Let me get this straight – Social Security or Ponzi scheme?

by Skip September 13, 2011

One is voluntary, one is coerced and no ability to not opt out.  Both are funded by new entrants for the "ROI" of those receiving the benefits. One type of this activity gets you jail time.  The other one, however, is used by Politicians to scare seniors each and every election cycle.  So, which is […]

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No Debt Ceiling Increase without Cut, Cap, and Balance

by Don July 26, 2011

Neither President Obama nor Speaker Boehner tell the full debt story. They try to scare us by saying that if the debt ceiling is not raised, our credit rating might be lowered. But President Obama’s plans to increase our debt by at least $1 trillion annually for the foreseeable future is a bigger and definite threat to our credit rating. Our already significant interest payments won’t be affordable. China and credit rating companies warn us that we are creating too much debt. It is just a matter of time before our huge, growing debt to cause our credit rating to fall.

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Obama to Blame if Social Security Checks Withheld

by Don July 20, 2011

Our government funds thousands of programs that should be eliminated or severely cut because they provide little or no value to American citizens. Here are a few examples: $2.6 million to train Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly, promotion of rural tourism in Lebanon, $12 million to promote economic growth in Lebanon….

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Why a 22 Year old should prefer private accounts over Social Security (even if they only invested in T-Bills)

by Skip May 17, 2011

A paltry 1.6% ROI if that 22 year old sticks with S.S.  Even if they only invested in T-Bills, they’d get 3 X S.S. yields…

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Pelosi Doesn’t Want To Fix It

by Steve MacDonald April 13, 2011

Pelosi stood against reforming a bankrupt retirement scheme, and now she is taking the same tack here: Medicaid should not be reformed lest it appear as if it needs reform.

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The Chief Blue Hampster may have learned a dead language but not so much on math….

by Skip December 28, 2010

Dean over at Blue Hampshire is kvetching again.  Over Social Security.  Figures: If we Gen Xers had a nickel for every Very Serious Older Person in the Village who clamors for Social Security "reform" that doesn’t affect those nearing retirement – but is mum on those Gen-Xers who have been paying into it for decades […]

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Data Point – cash for for Medicare and S.S.

by Skip November 28, 2010

From the same post as below (see #9); It just looks better shown separately as a chart: Sure, a growing economy will help.  But it will not solve.  Neither will "just taxing the rich" – you REALLY think that you can raise taxes on "just the rich" to the tune of $900 Billion?  Ain’t happenin… […]

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On Ponzi schemes….

by Skip April 29, 2010

 Once again, when you run out of other peoples’ money…..   BERNIE MADOFF SOCIAL SECURITY Takes money from investors with the promise that the money will be invested and made available to them later Takes money from wage earners with the promise that the money will be invested in a "Trust Fund" and made available […]

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Note to Jim Splaine – Part 2: What about Social Security?

by Skip April 27, 2010

One of the first posts I ever did here on the ‘Grok had to do with Social Security: …Far be it for me to clue those that want all the money they paid in over the years is long gone; there are no Trust Fund accounts with their names on to now draw against.  While […]

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I notice that Dean is on his anti-privatization of “Social Security Hobby Horse” again

by Skip February 9, 2010

He’s such a kidder:  Because Wall St. did such a great job with our retirement accounts recently. Er, let me ask this: is Big Government, the end game of Progressives everywhere for its "intelligent guiding hand by altruistic experts for society" doing much better?  He denigrates Wall Street, but the return is still better than […]

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Obligatory opine about Obama’s “gift” to elders…

by Skip October 19, 2009

The rules, I guess, are Obama’s rules – if he doesn’t like them, he ignores them (sorta like the Constitution with his power grabs – even Congress is starting to sound worried about an Imperial Presidency that FAR exceeds that of, well, Barack Hussein….Nixon?).  The rules are that for a COLA increase to be given […]

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Baby Boomers hit social security age. Uh-oh!

by Doug November 6, 2007

Viagra ring by Gizmodo. Covered under part B? . Via Pun Salad: PJ O’Rourke, writing for the Weekly Standard,  on baby boomers reaching the social security milestone: O rend thy garments, America! Heap ashes upon thy head. We, the generation of generations–triumphant in our multitudes, invincible, indomitable, insufferable–have come into our inheritance. Hereby we claim our […]

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Totalization – total failure is coming

by Skip February 4, 2007

This just sickens me – as a believer in the rule of law (one of the wonderful tenets of our society), I see this as rewarding bad behavior. Debate heats up over Social Security for illegal immigrants As any reader of this blog knows, I am for LEGAL immigration (as it helped to make this […]

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Getting screwed again….

by Skip January 6, 2007

Social Security for Illegals The Washington Post shows that the Freedom of Information Act works.  One of the things that have come up since President Bush launched his idea of "all but open" border ("Sure! You’re here illegally? Not a problem… a fine, work some years, learn English, become a citizen. Sure!  You’re here just to […]

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Benefits, Taxes, and Demographics – Pick two and call me back

by Skip June 28, 2006

What goes around, comes around.  When President Bush first started to talk about reforming Social Security, his ideas included the personal savings component (like many Federal employees already have) and the indexing of COLAs from the wage price inflation rate to the consumer price index.  As expected, there was a lot of blowback.  The opposition […]

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