Social Justice

Farmington NH High School Lets a Left Wing Activist Propagandize Kids in the Classroom

by Skip December 11, 2017

On November 28th the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Unionshared news on Facebook about ACLU Community Organizer Daniel Pontoh’s presentation to Farmington High School students. The subject was social justice activism, and how they can create the change they wish to see in the world and in NH with the passage of the Transgender Bill […]

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Why can’t Progressives / SJWs be truthful? “…who is in charge of your kids?”

by Skip October 8, 2017

We don’t need you. We have your children – Herrman Goebbels That second question in the title is from a post I did back in 2009 – and the question has only become more and more important over the last eight years so I suggest that you read it because here is another example of what […]

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Time to Ask Your Legislators to Protect Free Speech in the UNH System

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2017

The recently released UNH Interim Report Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate is not about the weather, but it does involve snowflakes. Let me drop one on your tongue so you can get a taste. “UNH must develop a sustainable inclusive campus climate and make diversity and inclusion integral to a 21st-century education where we […]

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Social Justice Activists Treat Each Other Like Crap

by Steve MacDonald August 25, 2017

The deliberate division of human beings into oppressed groups and sub groups of ‘victims’ has had a predictable outcome. Social Justice long-division does not end in tolerance. Campus Reform Reports that, The “oppression™” by social justice activists is not limited to gay or transgender factions. Fat-shamming, income shaming, (kids who climb on rocks), are all […]

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Social Justice Wardens Tap Fat Shaming for Political Advantage

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2017

Fat Studies or Weight-Based Oppression could be the new Social Justice Belle of the Ball. At Princeton, This seminar investigates discourses and politics around the fat body from a performance studies perspective,” the course description states. “How does this ‘f-word’ discipline and regulate bodies in/as public? How do dancers reveal these politics with special clarity? […]

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Cheapskate Dartmouth Doesn’t Pay On-Campus Student Workers “A Living Wage”

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2017

Would it surprise you to learn that students who work at jobs on campus at Dartmouth College are not starting at $15.00 an hour? In most instances, students employed by the Ivy League college don’t even earn $10.00 an hour. $7.75 is the lowest hourly wage rate that the College recommends for its employees, following […]

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The Bryonic Notion of Injustice, A Superior Sensibility, and Moral Authority

by Steve MacDonald July 16, 2017

Theodore Dalrymple, in the course of observations about the modern human demand for incompatible desires, wrote, …, she had a Byronic notion of the disease, a romantic conception of it as a badge of superior sensibility, which is to say that those who suffered from it were in some way morally superior to those who […]

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Evergreen State College Could Be Swirling the Drain (And There was Much Rejoicing)

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2017

Evergreen State College has been SJW moonbat central for the past two weeks, where the inmates have taken over the asylum. The public state college near Olympia has become a national caricature of intolerant campus liberalism in both The New York Times and Fox News. At least one professor has been harangued and classes disrupted by shouting […]

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What Could Be Worse Than “Left Handed Albino Lesbian Studies?”

by Steve MacDonald June 1, 2017

Whenever the topic of useless, unproductive university social justice majors raises its angry little un-diverse head, my go-to parody is “Left Handed Albino Lesbian Studies.” It is both absurd sounding and obscure. It makes no difference if there even are any left-handed albino lesbians because somewhere in the White Tower they would make space for a […]

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Social Justice Movement is Just Another left Wing Cult

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2017

Courtesy of Weekend Pundit, and also linked here, is the story of Keri Smith, who recently abandoned the SJW movement and her “ideological prison.” Why? Social justice advocates show a religious-like intolerance for those with whom they disagree, which sometimes manifests itself in unbridled bouts of emotion: “I see increasing numbers of so-called liberals cheering […]

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Local Groups Admit They are in League with Communism

by Steve MacDonald April 29, 2017

If Tea Party activists marched with Klan members that would suggest an affinity or affiliation as damning as any. And so it should be with groups that March in celebration of May Day. A number of local groups are sponsoring or participating in May Day marches in New Hampshire. That should associate them ideologically with the […]

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Blogline of the Day – no, I am not responsible for your guilt.

by Skip April 20, 2017

Social Justice is another name for collective guilt and punishment, which means it’s actual injustice.  Individuals can only be praised or punished for that which they have done.  Beyond that lies madness. And Social Justice (such a nebulous term!) isn’t just for spreading guilt – it’s real purpose is to gather Power from you to […]

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New Symbol for Social Justice Warriors

by Steve MacDonald December 27, 2016

(thepeoplescube) Your community organizers have succeeded in creating a spectacular movement of snowflakes who they hope will one day solidify into an impenetrable iceberg that will sink the Titanic of capitalism. And yet you’re still struggling to create an emblem you could put on your armbands, banners, and social media icons. We hope this design […]

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Is There A Price to Pay for Reaching Across the Cereal Aisle?

by Steve MacDonald December 2, 2016

When confronted with people who do not believe as they do, Liberals screech, insult, intimidate, protest, boycott, threaten, and riot. Progressives use these tactics on individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations to advance their social issues agenda or to silence or punish opponents. Take no prisoners. Resistance is futile. Never stop even after you get your […]

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So, the NBA wants to squander its fanbase like the NFL is doing?

by Skip October 12, 2016

As I have blogged earlier, I have stopped watching the New England Patriots games as I refuse to be politically preached to during a sports event. Apparently, as I have been watching for these signs since SJWs started putting on the uniforms (emphasis mine): In a leaked internal memo, the NFL blames much of the […]

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A complaint about Obamacare hits the problem on the head

by Skip October 8, 2016

Via Powerline comes a complaint from Facebook – and the underlying shafting of American deliberately by Democrats (emphasis mine): Before Obamacare, we paid $481 per month for decent health insurance. Just got notice that we will have to pay $1140 PER MONTH next year!!! I am not kidding and yes you read that right…..that’s a […]

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Can we just all buy them their own copy of “Shut Up and Sing”?

by Skip September 11, 2016

The question of the Day? The NFL Banned The Cowboys From Honoring Police. Will It Do The Same To Seahawks Anthem Boycotters? That would be the book by Laura Ingraham, talk show host, commenting that politics (the Progressive mantra of “The Political is Personal, the Personal is political”) has infiltrated almost everything.  She laments, and I […]

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Wrong About Rights?

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2015
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Salvo | “…rather than look into the matter to determine whether some true injustice lies beneath a particular disparity (Was there theft? Is there ongoing oppression?), proponents of the new social justice pronounce the disparity itself to be the injustice. In a feat of monumentally poor thinking, reminiscent of the child who wails “No fair!” […]

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The Only Jobs The Left Creates or Saves

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2015
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The professional left and their media homunculi bemoan the decline of America from its once proud manufacturing heritage.  “We don’t build things anymore,” they say, and “where have all the good paying manufacturing jobs gone?” The better question is, where are the hard working Americans’ who would work in manufacturing if the left stopped pushing […]

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There is no ‘Justice’ in “Social Justice”

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2015
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Social Justice is many things to many people.  It is whatever anyone wants it to be but violence is its foundation.   The progressive utopia can only be born out of the fire of change. It only comes from war, civil, cultural.  You are either part of the movement or its enemy; those who organize for […]

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Democrats think you are SELFISH if you want to KEEP more of your own money

by Kimberly Morin April 1, 2015

While torturing myself listening to this morning’s painful budget session in the House, I also was watching Twitter. You wouldn’t believe (actually you probably would) the Democrats and ‘gimmie, gimmie’ more tweets that are being put out there.

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Gonads and Melanin

by Steve MacDonald March 22, 2015

It’s not about classic literature anymore.  It’s not even something as obtuse as ‘English’ or that unctuous term (as in slippery) ‘Language Arts.’  It’s about gonads and melanin. “…the UCLA English department—like so many others—is more concerned that its students encounter race, gender, and disability studies than that they plunge headlong into the overflowing riches […]

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Can Social Justice Lead to Critical Thinking?

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2015
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Does critical thinking equal social justice? A local college president thinks so, and Kevin Kervick joins us (a professor at the same college) to explore the subject, political activism, adding some conservative diversity to social justice programs, culture, revolution, and even left handed albino lesbian studies. We always have great segments with Kevin.  Have a […]

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GrokTALK! for the week of 1/10/2015 – the Video

by Skip January 10, 2015

To go along with Steve’s audio posting of today’s GrokTALK!, here’s the video:    Segment 1-Darlene Pawlick                          Segment 2-Dr. Jason Sorens                      Life Update                                    Ethics and Economics Education of NE    Segment 3-Kevin Kervick                               Segment  4 – Grokster time “Social Justice” for Critical Thinking                             Random thoughts and links

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GrokTALK! January 10th, 2014

by Steve MacDonald January 10, 2015
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Our guests are Dr. Jason Sorens – founder of the Free State Project, who joins us to discuss his new project for local public schools called Ethics and Economics Education of New England.  Darlene Pawlik from NH Right to Life joins us to talk about life issues, some upcoming legislation, and the Life March next […]

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Presumption of Guilt is Absolutely Crucial to Collectivism

by Steve MacDonald January 6, 2015
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Notable Quote – Stacy McCain

by Skip December 26, 2014

 Yet as Friedrich Hayek showed, social justice is a mirage — the utopia toward which radical egalitarian ideologues claim to be leading us does not exist, and can never exist, simply because human society requires social order and all social orders involve hierarchy. Once you realize that “equality” is a false goal, you realize that what progressives are […]

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What Democrats Have Done

by Steve MacDonald October 22, 2014
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When people who politicize everything in the pursuit of power spend twenty-trillion of someone elses dollars in just a few years, well that buys a lot of something, and where Democrats are concerned it is called progress.  No, it wasn’t for science, or bridges, or good paying Middle Class jobs,* or equality, or security, prosperity, […]

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Blogline – Ah yes, that social justice thing is just so malleable

by Skip August 18, 2014

“I dunno, when I see someone on the news running out of an electronics store with a flat screen TV in his arms, my first thought is, ‘he must be fighting for social justice.’” I guess that Progressive moral relativism (as in “what’s your should be mine – I’m just making it so”) plays a […]

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Shades of Ian Underwood – especially when the police start saying it

by Skip August 6, 2014

During the NH anti-gun bills debates, a gentleman by the name of Ian Underwood gave his testimony  to the NH Legislature on what he saw as a large problem in the legislators’ behavior in ignoring their oaths of fidelity to the NH Constitution: The first is that a bill like this undermines respect for the very […]

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