Social Engineering

Well of COURSE Barry agreed with Colin Kaepernick

by Skip September 5, 2016

  OBAMA DEFENDS KAEPERNICK’S NATIONAL ANTHEM PROTEST. Ed Driscoll uses Glenn’s “Unexpectedly” adjective on this; I think Rush’s meme of the spots on a tiger (“it’s who he is”) is a much better fit.  Face it, the Left hates the founding of America and what it is now.  They can only be happy with what it […]

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Notable Quote – Robin S. Eubanks

by Steve MacDonald March 30, 2016
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Changing how we read was fundamental…to the social re-engineering of the nation. So, if everyone involved from the beginning regarded these revisions to reading instruction and the concept of pedagogy as one big psychology experiment on American school children and ultimately American society, what will happen if the results are poor? Notably, demonstrably, really lousy results? […]

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Who Among You Is NOT a Product of Conception…

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2015
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This ought to end the debate from the left on when life begins because, let’s face it–there is no 20 weeks, nor 40 weeks, nor 2,080 weeks, nor any weeks at all without conception. We are all a product of conception. With that…from today’s Union Leader… An outside spokesperson hired by Planned Parenthood said last […]

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Notable Quote: Dalrymple – The Modern Liberal Intelligentsia…

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2014
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One might extend La Rochefoucauld’s famous maxim that neither the sun nor death can be stared at for long, by saying that no member of the modern liberal intelligentsia can stare at a social problem for very long.  He feels the need to retreat into impersonal abstractions, into structures or alleged structures over which the […]

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Lunch With Sociologist Opining About Guns

by Rick Olson March 13, 2013

“We’re uncomfortable about considering history as a science. It’s classified as a social science, which is considered not quite scientific.”  —Jared Diamond I had lunch recently with a close friend with whom I attended college some years ago. He continued his education and is now a PhD. He is not a “lefty” sort of guy, […]

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Women In Combat

by Rick Olson January 24, 2013

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” — Alexander Pope In the  Union Leader today, and article entitled, “NH Women react to end of ban on combat.” The UL article starts out, “Combat veteran Nancy Young of Auburn was thrilled to hear other women will get the chance to serve on the front lines in the […]

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An End To Presidential Term Limits?

by Rick Olson January 8, 2013

“How come liberals never admit that they’re liberal? They’ve now come up with a new word called ‘progressive,’ which I thought was an insurance company but apparently it’s a label.” —Marco Rubio  Obstinate continuance in a particular course of action despite ongoing and continued opposition encapsulates the very definition of Persistence. Such is the case of […]

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Another shadow of “DoubleThink, DoubleSpeak”:

by Skip November 19, 2012

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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GrokTV: Rochester City Council Public input on “Sustainable Communities Initiative”- Tom Flaherty

by Skip August 23, 2012

Another of the folks that spoke out against the Federal Govt’s move to further do social engineering via the Sustainable Communities Initiative / Granite State Future Plan was Tom Flaherty.  He stressed that the key entity is HUD – it gets the final say via operating through the 9 Regional Planning Commissions under contract.  One […]

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Why should taxpayers be paying for more babies? Who really is the selfish one in all this? Enter stage Right – HB1658

by Skip January 28, 2012

Before getting into the quick discussion of NH HB1658 (“limiting financial assistance for mothers who have additional children while receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).”) that some Conservative has introduced, how ’bout this for a table setting?  This went viral back in December and while it was shocking to see a single women with […]

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OK, here is my definition of what an “Elite” is

by Skip January 25, 2012

I love these meaningless labels you people employ to scare people. “Elite” why not “effete” why not “European minded”? Does an “elite” have lots of money, or is an “elite” just overeducated? Can you be a capitalist and an “elite” or are they mutually exclusive? Do you have to have travelled abroad to be an […]

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Prepare For The Barakaclypse

by Steve MacDonald November 17, 2011

Every one of these was or is a left wing campaign to make leftist dogma look like centrist mantra. They exist to streamline progressive/socialsit thought into mainstream thinking. But they failed and so the latter iterations have become more destructive. Each “movement” has gotten progressively more unruly, progressively more violent.

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Captain Obvious Gets More Affirmation- And why Democrats MUST Be Removed From Power

by Steve MacDonald October 27, 2011

“Why would an anti-gun administration knowingly force licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals?”

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A Rant Worth Reading

by Steve MacDonald October 26, 2011

Liberals see success as a problem – if people are able to live their own lives without the guidance of aspiring liberal fascists, the entire premise of liberalism is fatally undercut. So success is the target, …

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by Rick Olson October 18, 2011

“In hindsight it may even seem inevitable that a socialist society will starve when it runs out of capitalists.”  —Larry Niven How does one become an Occupy Wall Street Protestor? A quest for understanding in a somewhat complicated topic. Why? Because there are some who seem to demonstrate a modicum of intelligence and articulate usage […]

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by Rick Olson August 5, 2011

“What ‘multiculturalism’ boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture – and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.” ~Thomas Sowell Far too many people define themselves in a hyphenated Status. This was virtually unheard of up until the 1970’s. Americans were, well…just […]

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Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work!

by Rick Olson July 28, 2011

“It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” ~Edmund Burke And when older people are yelling, “Don’t cut my Social Security!” Do you think they know about this community in Tacoma Washington? SO here you have it….Obama pimping the old people to keep […]

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GSFTC Member Organization Spotlight -NH Citizens Alliance

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2011

A Non-partisan organization devoted to social, economic, and political justice? Too bad that’s just not possible. There are no right wing groups seeking these ethereal ends. These are buzz-words, Orwellian constructs, created by statist agenda-driven socialists to mislead people. So the NHCA couldn’t be “non-partisan” if they tried. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at who they associate with and what they support.

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by Rick Olson July 15, 2011

“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater The RINO of the week is three term House Representative David H. Kidder.  Representative Kidder’s voting record reveals a rank statist who consistently supports governmental intrusion into the lives of Granite […]

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by Rick Olson July 8, 2011

“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater The RINO of the week is six term House Representative Alida Millham.  This week features a Republican whose voting record shows consistent patronage to social statism, advocacy of nanny-state meddling in […]

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Are The Democrats Any Different?

by Steve MacDonald July 5, 2011

Here is what looks like a pretty run of the mill bullet list of Democrat talking points on taxes. This is the kind of stuff you find on the lefty candidates campaign sites, in emails from Democrat Mark Fernald month after month after month, or from the mouths of other lefties who run the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition.

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Is The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition Just Another Left Wing Front Group?

by Steve MacDonald June 29, 2011

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition claims to be a non-partisan, non-profit group whose mission is to convince the people of New Hampshire that we need a broad based income tax. Using percentages and formulas with a focus on deception, misdirection, and Alinsky-like class warfare rhetoric, they seek to corral enough support to dismantle a system that for years has made the state of New Hampshire one of the best places to live and work, for quality of life, low overall tax burden, health, safety, low crime rates, job opportunity and freedom.

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Geithner Can’t Justify Doing That

by Tim Condon June 24, 2011

I’m not sure which is worse. The fact that Geithner thinks we need to do this at all, or the fact that he seems to believe that what he says is in any way moral or that it will, as Mr. Geithner claims to believe–improve growth. Growth of government and taxes yes, but nothing else grows.

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The Case For Abortion?

by Mike June 20, 2011

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Assault Weapons: A Serious Problem in America?

by Rick Olson June 14, 2011

Continue Reading, “Assault Weapons: A Serious Problem in America?”

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What Regressives (not “progressives”) have done to us in 50 years

by Tim Condon April 16, 2011

HIGH SCHOOL — 1957 vs. 2010 Scenario 1: Jack goes quail hunting before school and then pulls into the school parking lot with his shotgun in his truck’s gun rack. 1957 – Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack’s shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack.2010 – School goes into lock down, FBI called, […]

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Bedford School District Book Woes Re-ignite

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2011

The Bedford Public School system is back in the news again. Another book has popped up in the curriculum that is questioning the standards of the towns (cough-cough) educational experts. This time is it ‘Water For Elephants.”

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Brunelle’s Road To Damascus Moment?

by Steve MacDonald January 1, 2011

From bathroom bill and balloon fines all the way to economy and jobs in one little election, and we are meant to wonder if Mr Brunelle has had a road to Damascus moment? Not to worry. He is no Paul of Tarsus. He has the same laser like focus on jobs and the economy as the democrat majority before the Republican’s took over–destroy jobs and ruin the state economy.

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Hasbro Capitalizes on Beer Pong

by Steve MacDonald December 30, 2010

Just imagine the awe (and your own personal pride) at hearing stories about how your college age child–at an investment of anywhere from $15-50K per year–can put a ping-pong ball into a beer cup faster than Tiger can sink a mini-golf putt off the rail, through the windmill, under the waterfall and…Cuponk!

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Landmark Ruling?

by Steve MacDonald November 27, 2010

the State Supreme Court seems to be saying is that Sanchez was responsible for his own behavior, given the known risks of the activity. This kind of thinking should have wide reaching implications for society as a whole.

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