Snow cover November

Global Warming Is a Progressive Religion. Stop Pretending it is Not.

Global Warming Does Mean More Snow – At Least in November. According to Arctic Sea Ice news, North America had it’s highest November snow extent ever in 2018.  North America as a whole had the highest November snow extent in the 1966 to 2018 record (Figure 5). Above average snow cover was particularly notable over central and …

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Pine Tree Ramblings – Vol 8

Global Warming.  Liberal logic at its best. “The warming is causing cooling” “Increased snowfall may offset rises in ocean levels” “Antarctic ice gain is caused by Arctic ice loss” I guess when you have a narrative to follow,

The Obligatory Northeast Snowfall Timelapse Video

For those of you not yet weary of reports about “the big snowstorm” in the Northeast, here’s a time-lapse video from Hartford CT. Just for contrast, we got about 18″ where I live in Southern New Hampshire, some places–not that far from me–got two feet; these folks got a tiny bit more.

Palate Cleanser- Snow Dogs

I shot this last winter, then proceeded to play with the transitions in my video editing software of choice, then left it in a folder for a warm summer day.  I’ve had a few opportunities for ‘warm summer day’ and not posted it, but better late than never. … so here are some cool dogs …

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Ask Jeanne Shaheen – About Diminshed Snowfall

Remember the halcyon days when the science of global warming was settled? Do you recall the dire warnings from green industry activists “experts” around the world, echoed by prominent herd animals Democrats, including some from from New Hampshire, that Global Warming was going to diminish regional snowfalls and ruin the ski and tourism industry?