NH Ranked 47th Because it Didn’t Spend Tobacco Settlement Cash The Way They Want?

by Steve MacDonald December 13, 2017

GraniteGrok has a long history of battling the anti-smoking data monkeys. Their numbers often make no sense or contradict the real-world evidence or just common sense. Today is no different. The focus of a recent report appears to be almost entirely on, not results or eventual outcomes but on investing in prevention programs based on […]

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Democrats, Nazis, Smoking, and Taxes

by Steve MacDonald August 18, 2017

If it steps like a goose and honks like a goose. While we distance ourselves from the immorality of Nazi medicine, it is ironic that in many ways in Britain and America we now view smoking as the Nazis themselves did in the 1930s and 1940s—we view it as on the one hand a public […]

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NH Bill Would Allow Smoking in Privately Owned Public Places

by Steve MacDonald January 10, 2017

The New Hampshire Legislature is considering a bill that would allow smoking in privately owned places where the public congregates at the discretion of the property owner. HB 279 would “…makes changes to the indoor smoking act.  Under this bill, smoking would not be prohibited in public conveyances which are privately owned, restaurants, grocery stores, and cocktail […]

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Is “Texting A NH Hazard?”

by Steve MacDonald June 23, 2014
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The Union Leader has a front page story titled CDC Survey finds Texting a NH Hazard.   The article is about risky teen behavior with an emphasis on texting.  They quote experts, which is amusing when you look at the big picture.  Trust me. Cigarette smoking makes an appearance in the article, which is only important […]

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Vaillancourt shows his lurking Progressive inner-self

by Skip October 21, 2013

Progressivism is nothing more than a euphemism for “Slow Communism” or, if you like, “incremental Socialism”.  Communism is the result of a quick “BANG!” while incremental Socialism is the proverbial hand torquing up the water temperature under the frog.  All it takes is an uninvolved electorate and people that think like this: NH State Rep […]

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Black Market Bloomberg

by Steve MacDonald April 22, 2013

New York City Mayor Mike ‘Big Gulp’ Bloomberg has proposed raising the smoking age in New York City from 18 to 21 years of age.  A companion proposal would hike the price of a pack of cigarettes to more than ten dollars per pack, presumably to a) convince more people to quit and b) recover […]

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Gun Control is about Obama’s Political Agenda, not Saving Lives

by Don February 12, 2013

President Obama says, “If it only saves one life….” Then he promotes gun restrictions that will kill more law abiding Americans than they save. If it were really his goal, President Obama could do many things that actually save lives. Closing the border and removing the incentives for people to come or stay here illegally […]

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Consistency – not the hallmark of Liberals

by Skip June 7, 2012

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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