Depends on your definition of massacre…

by Susan Olsen April 5, 2013

Mid-February I commented that “nationwide in 2011, mothers, aided and abetted by physicians, murdered their unborn children at a rate of 1 every 2.28 minutes.”  I failed to include those innocents who were born and then butchered at the hands of one vile monster, Doctor Kermit Gosnell, currently on trial in Philadelphia, an “accused mass murderer […]

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Happy Roe v Wade!

by Susan Olsen January 19, 2013

In order to properly celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade, I offer the following: Below are famous genocides of the 20th century.  The table ranks them in order of the estimated number of human beings slaughtered and tells us the times we would need to commit those same genocides again in order to match […]

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