Meet The Democrats’ Speaker, Shawn Jasper!

by Mike December 3, 2014

Two of our old buddies with the depressing news – on 3rd ballot, Shawn Jasper becomes Speaker with 195 mostly Democrat votes to O’Brien’s 178 all GOP votes – as Pindell points out, 3/4 of the GOP caucus voted against Jasper, but his old Democrat buddies elected him. No Wonder Deputy Dawg shuffled off, stage […]

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Re: Take It Back, Or Burn It Down? (2)

by Mike April 7, 2013

This morning, Steve asked whether the NHGOP can be saved, or whether it needs to be burned to the ground so we can start over – fire being a very effective disinfectant! Susan said “Keep Calm and Suit Up” (and volunteered to do so herself). I say, pass the pitchforks and torches and let’s burn […]

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Todd I. Selig – Economic Ignoramus or Just Deceptive?

by Scott Morales March 23, 2013

Porous condoms, bustiered moobed construction workers, medieval royal exclamations with a dash of Dorothy skipping rubies down the golden road all at the expense of some poor statist once-a-plebe trying to ply more cash from the pockets of his neighbors to meet his illusory expectation of what should be done and pretending to solve a […]

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Jack Kimball On The NHGOP Chair Controversy – WBIN Interview

by Mike December 1, 2012

Friday November 30th WNBIN News at 10 interviewed Jennifer Horn, Jack Kimball, Tom Rath and Wayne MacDonald: Below, Jack’s opinion, as shared with his supporters at the time when the controversy broke:

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Vote For My Girl, Or I’ll Turn Ugly

by Mike November 28, 2012

Just when you thought the skullduggery in the NHGOP couldn’t get any worse, the establishment tipped its hand spectacularly. First the history: When Jack Kimball surprised the establishment and won the chairmanship in 2011, and scored a small victory for conservatism, they couldn’t stop him getting the job, but they could certainly make it impossible […]

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