NBC 4 Ohio Shows Destructive Power of an AR-15 Except…That’s Not an AR-15!

by Steve MacDonald November 16, 2017

(Bearing Arms) Journalist, as a species, aren’t gun people. This was clear the moment USA Today decided to illustrate the possible accessories for the AR-15 and included the chainsaw bayonet, for crying out loud, if at no other point before. However, an Ohio television station decided to go even further in showing us just how little they know […]

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A Guitar and a Shotgun, A Gotgun or a Shotgar?

by Scott Morales January 9, 2017

Call it what you like, but one word comes to mind: Fun!    

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NH Democrats! – Time to Regulate Pockets on Cargo Pants

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2013
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Aaron Alexis’ choice of the Biden Boomstick for his evil deeds brings up an important point that we have not yet addressed. Magazine size. Even if you call a Remingnton 870 Shotgun an AR-15, it still only holds 5 shells.  There are a few models that hold 7, but even that falls under the limits […]

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Biden: ” ‘You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use…”

by Skip March 3, 2013

Joe certainly doesn’t like AR-15s and has been telling folks “You don’t need that” (which is one of the tell tale signs of a Progressive / Nanny-Stater: “You don’t need that, I don’t know of anyone who says they need that, and it’s about the quality of life“).  Especially the ladies – “git yourself a […]

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Differences between an “assault weapon” and a shotgun

by Don February 3, 2013

A Minnesota resident created a video letter to his Congresman and Senators (see the link below).  The video demonstrates the differences between the affects of a shotgun and what are incorrectly being called assault weapons.  It is clear that some of our elected representatives do not know about guns, live in a complete fantasyland, or […]

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