Chapel Hill Shooting – Moon-Bat Over Parking Space

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2015

What you probably wont hear and why the media will likely not be covering the shooting at Chapel Hill 24/7 for weeks without end. (PJ Media) A review of the Facebook page of the man charged in these murders, Craig Hicks, shows a consistent theme of anti-religion and progressive causes. Included in his many Facebook […]

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Was There A Grassy Knoll in Ferguson Missouri?

by Steve MacDonald August 18, 2014
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I’m aware of the chaos in Ferguson Missouri and some of the why’s and what-fore’s, but not the fine particulars.   Those following might find this an interesting addition to their knowledge base. Big news if true as it seemingly contradicts a key takeaway from Michael Baden’s autopsy, that none of the shots that hit Brown […]

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From Mark Steyn – Unarmed Man Goes on Shooting Rampage

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2013

The Corner A mentally disturbed man is wandering through traffic outside New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. Naturally, the NYPD open fire. They miss the guy. However, the sidewalks being full of people, they manage to hit two female pedestrians, one of them already using a walker, which comes in handy when the coppers shoot […]

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Four Rounds, and Around and Around We Go…

by Steve MacDonald November 22, 2013

I’ve been trying not to post these but this one….I had to do it.  

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Developing….Benghazi 2.0?

by Steve MacDonald September 18, 2013
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BBC Multiple sources in the Capitol Police department have told the BBC that its highly trained and heavily armed four-man Containment and Emergency Response Team (Cert) was near the Navy Yard when the initial report of an active shooter came in about 8:20 local time. The officers, wearing full tactical gear and armed with HK-416 […]

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Second Amendment? The kid’s all right!

by Tim Condon June 5, 2013

I’ve said it before, and say it again: Thank heaven for little girls!

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MIT Officer Shooting Tied To Bombing Suspects

by Steve MacDonald April 19, 2013

An officer at MIT was shot and killed last night leading to a chase and manhunt that has resulted in one suspect dead–a suspect believed to be one of the two persons being sought in connection with the Boston Marathon Bombings. Reports say the chase lead to Watertown where there have been reports of gun […]

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by Tom December 16, 2012

As tragic as the shooting event in Connecticut was, when you actually look at the data on US Deaths, you can plainly see the totally overblown, reactive tizzy that the American Liberal community, and their lapdogs, the mainstream media, have themselves in. Using official CDC data, guns are not nearly our biggest problem…. US Deaths […]

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Shooting in DC – Lefty Media in No Particular Rush to Cover It.

by Steve MacDonald August 15, 2012

Floyd Corkins II, of Hendron Virgina, walked in to the Family Rights Council offices in Washington DC and proceeded to shoot a security guard before the same guard subdued him (some reports say with help), preventing him from getting past the lobby of the building. Corkins  “had been volunteering at a community center for gay, […]

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