Sharleene Hurst

Slow To Find It, Quick To Lose It – Sharleene Goes Non-Linear

by Mike February 7, 2013

Ten days after our post about the DemocRAT-like uncivil behavior and vandalism committed by Sharleene Hurst, the post was the digital equivalent of six feet under, and sleeping peacefully……. Until tonight, when the radar at Grok HQ lit up brighter than the BatSignal over Gotham, and we discovered that Sharleene had paid the site a […]

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Democrat Civility Infects NHGOP – Sharleene Hurst Loses It – TWICE!

by Mike January 26, 2013

Unchained, unhinged, you be the judge! Upon entering the Bedford High School Lobby this morning, Sharleene Hurst immediately accosted Diane Bitter and started screaming. Bystanders separated them, but one little display of “Democrat Civility” wasn’t enough for erstwhile State Rep Sharleene Hurst. Nooooo…. After biding her time, our fearless crusader marched up to a sign […]

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