Drug Addiction Recovery – a source of government rent-seeking?

by Skip April 6, 2018

What does it say about the marketplace when startups turn directly to government for launching? And then get P.O’d when they get a “no”? Nonprofit startup scraps plans for recovery center in Concord A startup Manchester nonprofit has abandoned plans to open a recovery center in Concord after a discouraging meeting with state officials, the […]

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Data Point – Unions don’t always tell the truth…

by Skip May 15, 2017

SHOT: Unions decry “greed”… Last week, AFL-CIO, the largest trade union organization in the U.S., released the results from its annual Executive Paywatch report: CEOs at S&P 500 companies earned on average $13.1 million in 2016, and “this greed of corporate CEOs” has caused a “CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 347 to 1.” CHASER:  Not so […]

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Guest Post by Peter Lemiska: Shame? A meaningless word for Hillary Clinton

by Skip November 2, 2016

Shame? A meaningless word for Hillary Clinton One of Donald Trump’s most pointed attacks against Hillary Clinton came during the second presidential debate when he suggested that Clinton should be ashamed of herself for denigrating those women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. Later he added that she should be ashamed of her gross […]

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Dan Rather Comes Out For Alinsky

by Ed Naile August 10, 2016

Dan Rather is out on the campaign trail! He wants everyone in the media to shame Trump supporters. Most notorious for being a shameless Democrat mouthpiece who gave up his career in exchange for over selling a lie about George Bush’s military record, Rather is at it again. Rather has a great idea – SHAME […]

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