Senator Menendez

There’s Bias and then there’s Hyper Bias

by Scott Morales March 15, 2013

Speaking of media bias, let me ask you to characterize the following in a pithy little phrase such as “media bias” and see what you come up with. Let’s suppose a Senator, a white middle-aged loin following male Senator, is accused of following his loin into under-aged brothels and cavorting in such trade illegally while […]

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Is A Senator Under FBI Investigation for Sleeping with Underaged Prositutes News Worthy?

by Scott Morales January 27, 2013

Not if you’re Martha Raddatz of ABC News. The Daily Caller reported a few days ago that Senator Bob “rob the cradle” Menendez (D-NJ) is being investigated by the FBI for sleeping with underage prostitutes. Now, he’s a Democrat, so naturally his party brethren have no problem with what or who he does in his […]

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