Feinstein lets the cat out of the bag: Progressives want to take away ALL semi-automatic firearms

by Skip April 21, 2013

I spent this afternoon at a gathering of good friends where the purpose was to get out of the house, have a chance to yak, consume some good comestibles – and shoot guns!  Handguns, long guns; small calibers and larger ones (not quite .50 cal, but long range); semiautomatics, revolvers, and bolt action.  I’ve shot […]

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Competition Shooter Jessie Duff Takes Us To School

by Steve MacDonald January 20, 2013

Nothing puts a debate about firearms into perspective like holes in sheet metal.  So here is professional shooter Jessie Duff showing us what kind of damage you can do with various weapons to make a point.  That the lefts caterwauling has no point.   H/T Laura Rambeau Lee –

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