Your Denial of my Victimhood…

by Steve MacDonald November 1, 2016


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Notable Quote – John Wright

by Susan Olsen April 2, 2014

“Because Leftism is the theory that truth is impossible, and reason is a hate-crime, it requires self deception. Because self deception provokes guilt and humiliation, the self esteem of the Leftist is continually uncertain. Because it is uncertain, it must be uplifted. The only emotion loud and broad enough to smother the powerful emotions of […]

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Update to Barry / Stacie Lawton’s NH House Representative career

by Skip November 27, 2012

Union Leader: “I don’t think it would look good for the state,” she said. “I don’t think it would look good for the party, and I don’t think that the citizens would like to see their beloved representative-elect be expelled.” As Steve pointed out in his post, Stacie Marie / Barry Laughton decided that disclosing […]

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