Quick Thought – Dang, I’m always late to the BDS party

by Skip April 17, 2018

More than 50 student groups at New York University have pledged to boycott Israeli goods and academic institutions, and are urging the school’s administration to join the cause. Led by NYU Students for Justice in Palestine, the petition of support urges students to boycott brands such as Sabra Hummus and Hewlett Packard, boycott Israeli academic conferences and schools, […]

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Happy New Year 2018 – hardest hit is the Socialist union known as SEIU and the Fight for $15 union organizers

by Skip January 1, 2018

Heh! Do you notice the irony of a giant tax cut motivating big companies to institute a $15/hour minimum wage for their workers? Could we at least get an “Amen!” from the Fight for 15 people? Remember a while ago that agitators from various unions, especially the SEIU, were flogging and picketing fast food chains […]

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Decisions have consequences – especially $15/hour Minimum Wage ones

by Skip February 17, 2017

As Governments continue the socialist redistributionist policies that the SEIU and its mob-advocates have been screaming over, that $15/hr minimum wage is going to have consequences: After looking at those prices it is clear that I’m not going to frequent the fast food places (and those with families, much less).  Why bother – some of […]

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That “Fight for $15”? It isn’t just just for McDonalds and fast food joints anymore

by Skip December 7, 2016

The utterly socialist in nature union called SEIU has been the impetus for this national demand that everyone be paid at least $15/hr as a minimum “fair wage” wage.  Frankly, being socialists (and duping millions of “new members” into redistributing their small amount of wealth to the SEIU), they don’t respect private property and seek […]

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“Fight for $15” is about to prove what the real minimum wage is

by Skip November 21, 2016

We’ve all been blogging about the effort, spearheaded by a lot of folks who don’t believe someone’s money actually belongs to those that earned it, to organize the fast food industry to a minimum wage of $15/hour for flipping burgers.  Far above the economic worth of that actual job and believing that there would be […]

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Blogline of the Day – Democrats being hypocrites as always

by Skip October 26, 2016

As Democrats scream at the top of their lungs about Russia trying to interfere with the American election it’s ironic to see them actively working with non-citizens to alter the results of that very same election. (H/T: Hot Air, talking about illegal immigrants going door-to-door canvassing for Hillary Clinton)

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Rigged, he said – rigged?

by Skip October 22, 2016

Of course there is voter fraud – Ed Naile has been hunting those that would steal lawful votes for years.  And even though he has “binders of voters” and has submitted his evidence for years, the Fusion Party apparatchiks (aka, Democrat Progressives and Republican Establishment) in all the right places just gave him their collective condescending […]

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Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper Endorsed By the SEIU

by Steve MacDonald August 22, 2016
Thumbnail image for Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper Endorsed By the SEIU

When you do the bidding of the Union Bosses they reward you. Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassan, Carol Shea-Porter, Ann Kuster, Colin Van Ostern, Shawn Jasper. Republican NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper? Yup!    

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Couldn’t happen to a more Socialist union – SEIU Healthcare Illinois-Indiana.

by Skip April 19, 2016

New Labor Department filings show that it has lost 8,000 dues-paying members and $4 million in revenue since the justices’ decision, which held that that state-subsidized homecare providers could no longer be forced to support the union. Without that power, it is losing its grip over its members. The federal filings show that the union […]

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Hey, you Fight for $15 SEIUers? Forget the hamburger robo-flipper and kiosks…

by Skip November 18, 2015

All we’ve been hearing is that the fast food workers DESERVE $15/hour.  Not that they earn it – they DESERVE it.  Not that they are economicially worth it for the skill level they have – they DESERVE it.  And the back story is that it’s all about the SEIU union coffers, looking to cash in. […]

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Hook those self serve ordering kiosks to the burger robot – and PRESTO!

by Skip October 23, 2014

The unions will have been responsible for helping the process of killing off more entry level jobs, given their insistence that entry level jobs that require no to little skills pay the same as midlevel skilled jobs.  An economically bad play – except to buff the image of such ilk like the SEIU (the most socialist / totalitarian […]

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SEIU Endorsed Republicans For NH State Senate

by Steve MacDonald September 3, 2014
Thumbnail image for SEIU Endorsed Republicans For NH State Senate

The SEIU has a reputation.  Mean, ranting, left-wing, all-Obama, and did we mention left-wing?  The NH-SEA (SEIU) is the big government union around New Hampshire and their leadership whiles away their time and effort keeping Democrats in power.  Spending always goes up and your taxes with them. If you want less money in your pocket […]

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SCOTUS – Union Fees Cannot Be Imposed…Harris v Quinn

by Steve MacDonald June 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for SCOTUS – Union Fees Cannot Be Imposed…Harris v Quinn

SCOTUS – Union Fees Cannot Be Imposed on those who do not wish to pay them. Held: The First Amendment prohibits the collection of an agency fee from Rehabilitation Program PAs who do not want to join or support the union. This is a narrow application for the purpose of reporting the result.  I have […]

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You don’t earn $15 / hour by doing this

by Skip March 18, 2014

A new development in the Fast Food Strike movement (to have fast food workers get a $15/hour starting wage – wrote about it here and here) being pushed by the SEIU: “wage theft”.  Simply put, companies like McDonalds are ‘stealing workers wages’ by doing what ALL companies do and the Unions are now suing them […]

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New Low – Democrats Protest 100 Million Dollar Private Donation to NY City Hospital

by Steve MacDonald March 11, 2014
Thumbnail image for New Low – Democrats Protest 100 Million Dollar Private Donation to NY City Hospital

Democrats ignore the hundreds of millions the Koch brothers give to charity every year, to the arts, and large donations to non-political purposes, preferring to focus on their political giving as a locus around which to organize left-wing hate. That “locus” has dropped to new lows.  Unions, who spend a lot more than the Koch […]

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Democrat Donors “Biggest Threat To The Democracy”…If ‘Activists’ Are To Be Believed

by Steve MacDonald March 10, 2014
Thumbnail image for Democrat Donors “Biggest Threat To The Democracy”…If ‘Activists’ Are To Be Believed

Keeping ‘corporate’ money out of politics is a Democrat agenda item, so whenever “activists” bring it up two things are evident. First, Democrats are behind it and paying for it. Second, by ‘Corporate’ money they do not mean, as Grokster Susan Olsen observed, Corporations…” like the Service Employees International Union (SIEU), a 501(c)(5) tax-exempt corporation. […]

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Press Release – AFP/NH: Comments on Rally by Union Bosses to Hike Minimum Wage by 40%

by Skip December 5, 2013

Note: I went to the Gilford / Laconia / Tilton fast food outlets at lunch time – specifically to see if some of the busier places were getting “striked”,  However, nary a protest sign to be seen.  Just workers working away to provide their CUSTOMERS the best product available.  And that’s something that the Unions […]

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Schadenfreude, baby! SEIU gets boomeranged by Obamacare

by Skip September 27, 2013

Oh yes, those “I’m a Healthcare Voter!” days of 2007 and 2008 – Unionistas from the SEIU union (pretty much, not much more than a socialist front, IMHO) joined forces with AARP in trying to persuade voters that Universal Healthcare was needed or the country would end up in ruin.  AKA, Obamacare.  They invaded almost […]

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A question to ponder

by Skip August 30, 2013

Don Boudreax, Professor of economics and blogger at Cafe Hayek flips a standard question on its head and pulls it inside-out sideways: Last night and this morning your news anchors introduced your report on D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s ambivalence toward the pending “living-wage” bill with this question: “Will the District force large retailers to pay […]

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Crony Capitalism

by Susan Olsen January 17, 2013

The State Employees Association of NH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Service Employees International Union, is set to open talks soon with Governor Hassan. For those of you private sector pukes still workin’ for the man, I have three words, well, actually more than that, taken from the existing SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (which can be read […]

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To New Hampshire Democrat Aaron Gill – About That ‘Free From Out Of State Influence’ Thing…

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2012

This makes an excellent followup to what Skip just wrote about the DLCC endorsing a local New Hampshire Democrat. Speaking about New Hampshire legislators that same Democrat candidate, Aaron Gill (Hillsborough 39) writes We expect their personal conduct to reflect the character of New Hampshire citizens, that the work of the people will be conducted […]

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State Employees for….A Democrat (Part 1)

by Susan Olsen October 11, 2012

On State Property: Proving The Point Conservatives Have Made For Years!

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Public Unions – “Why yes, we do use union dues to buy politicians”

by Skip October 7, 2012

From a press release from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas via RedState: “This is significant because labor unions are some of the biggest beneficiaries of taxpayer-funded jobs,” says O’Keefe. “If they’re intentionally propping up paper jobs, then they’re complicit in the fleecing of taxpayers.” The latest video from Project Veritas captures Newark SEIU President Rahaman […]

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The Newspaper Ad Revenue Collapse

by Steve MacDonald September 18, 2012

This more or less speaks for itself. Feel free to form up into work groups and report back after lunch. Or you could just lean back in your chair and bask in the glow of alternative media (aka-choices) beating up the dinosaur media like an SEIU thug on a Tea Party Protester.

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SEIU Tells You Which Republicans You Should Avoid…by Endorsing them.

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2012

 The SEIU has just informed Republicans who NOT to vote for.  For this, we are thankful. The SEIU (SEA-NH), Obama’s shock troops, the same folks who beat up black conservatives ( or refuse to denounce such behavior), have endorsed the following “(r)epublicans” in New Hampshire. In Belknap District 8, SEA/SEIU has endorsed Rep. Peter Bolster […]

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Revolution Foundation

by Tom August 20, 2012

The Daily Caller ran a story this weekend about a book set to come out tomorrow, by Mallory Factor, called “Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob taxpayers Blind“. The premise of the book is that Obamacare was just a big ploy to unionize the estimated 16-17 million strong healthcare workforce (12.5% of US workers, […]

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Silly Jackie, pledges are for politicians with backbones…and conviction

by Tom July 12, 2012

Using the oh-so-clever “we need to keep an open mind” excuse, former state senator and current Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley has pledged not to pledge to veto any broad-based taxes in New Hampshire, should she ascend to the post in November. Calling them “simplistic”, Cilley declared earlier this year that “I won’t play pledge […]

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The NH-D.E.S. Break Schedule, and Other Mysteries of The Known Universe

by Steve MacDonald March 25, 2012

We have it on good authority that Richard de Seve, State employee over at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, only reads and comments on the articles at the Concord Monitor-online, during his breaks.  He did, after all, admit this too me, so what better authority can there be?  And who am I to […]

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BE BREITBART: Right To Know Request – IT and HR records for NH DES employee, Richard de Seve

by Skip March 19, 2012

We’ve already posted a couple of times on the State employee Rickard “Dick” de Seve’ use of taxpayer paid time and computer services (Is A NH Public Employee Using The Internet to Sell his Political Agenda On Your Time?, So, what does the State of NH say about “Using The Internet to Sell his Political […]

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An Apology to the NH SEA/SEIU

by Steve MacDonald March 19, 2012

No one understands the problems of perception like the Democrat Party.  They invest a good deal of time and money into hiding what they are truly up to.  Almost as much time as they spend painting pictures of their opponents for the main stream media to hang on your living room walls.  So we should […]

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