So Horns are going all in on “we’re victims!”; Bill Horn resigns from NH GOP

by Skip May 14, 2018

Not a big surprise.  Lots of people are going Independent but not for the reasons they are.  Here’s the Letter sent to Andrew Cernota that John Distaso tweeted out: Other half after the jump:

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Prager U: Was America founded to be secular?

by Skip July 6, 2017

Nope The Founding Fathers believed that a secular government is key to preserving liberty. But they also believed that without a religious society, liberty would devolve into tyranny. (H/T: Liberty Unyielding)

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When right and wrong are ephemeral and only depends on the moment…

by Skip March 26, 2017

“If there is no God, urder isn’t wrong” Is murder wrong? How do you know? In this video (below), Dennis Prager shows why, unless there is a God who says murder is wrong, believing murder is immoral is, well, just an opinion. And what happens when entire societies stop believing in God? As Dennis explains, […]

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The coarsening and devaluing of a formerly moral people – an observation

by Skip October 19, 2016

I maintain that the Progressives, with their “anything goes” pushing of a libertine life style and denigration of our Judeo-Christian type morality (for a null set of ever changing secular “There is no Higher Power to be accountable to” outlook on life).  But this low? “In 2011, just 30 percent of them believed that “an elected […]

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A Religion Without God

by Steve MacDonald November 6, 2015
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Modern liberalism is best understood as a movement of would-be believers in search of true faith. For much of the 20th century it was faith in History, especially in its Marxist interpretation. Now it’s faith in the environment. Each is a comprehensive belief system, an instruction sheet on how to live, eat and reproduce, a […]

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The “ME!” generation on steroids – but on the individual level? Another LGBT mish-mash about to go badly

by Skip August 9, 2013

Yeah, I’m an old fogey, but this story out of California has trouble written all over it.  I look at this akin to the practice of “mainstreaming” of students except this is about sex instead of ability (or, really, what seemingly can be the ping-pong of gender identity today vs tomorrow vs yesterday – a […]

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