That’s right – the world has already ended according to the Democrats!

by Skip January 28, 2018

(H/T: Powerline)

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Politicians & Hammers

by Scott Morales September 22, 2016

One of these guys is different from the others… … and is also a bow hunter. What’s with McConnell?  There isn’t even a nail.  And Schumer looks like he’s been aiming for the past half hour.  And these guys, THESE GUYS, are leaders??!!??  #RememberPoliticiansAreServants #LimitPower.        

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Senator C. C. “El Hombre” Shreds the Pols

by Scott Morales March 14, 2013

As someone who is currently entangled in and fighting the tentacles of Leviathan over various firearm issues and is constantly wiping the red ink from my brow it heartens me that there’s a no-holds bar a$$ kicking consitutionalist in the Senate and he’s throwin’ down, taking names, and outing meaty pieces of Leviathans corpus. Watch […]

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Some Anti-Gun Hypocrites

by Don December 19, 2012

Leading Democrat Senators want to limit your access to guns.  They already have their permits, but they think that you can’t be trusted with a gun.  Senator Feinstein is going to re-introduce the assault weapons ban even though it did nothing to reduce murders when it was in place before nor was there any increase in murders when it […]

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