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New Hampshire Democrats Want Their JackBoot Back on The Necks of Poor Kids

schooL_choiceBack in April of 2012 we reported on how 71% of New Hampshire’s public schools failed to meet their adequate yearly progress in math and reading.  (Not very ‘progressive’ of them.)  We later debated the potential benefits to local New Hampshire school districts who could ‘potentially’ collect a tax windfall per student with the program–more than they would lose if the new voucher legislation was passed.  (It passed.)  We made fun of left wing criticism (narrative) against the scholarship program and even showed how it had saved other states money.  We even reminded Liberals that they have been known to argue against overturing settled law (which the school voucher program is), the same Democrats who were now focusing on the budget as promised trying to overturn every law Republicans passed that they could–as quickly as possible.

Well, New Hampshire Democrats are still Democrats and the scholarship program passed by House Republicans is a threat to their union monopoly on education.  So a scholarship program that is specifically designed to direct private money to help the most vulnerable, low income families in our state, gain access to schools with the potential to deliver better outcomes, must be repealed.

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School Voucher Kids Do Better

I Tweeted this earlier, but since I’m short on time, it is more than Post-Worthy.  Apparently school vouchers result in a higher graduation rate at a lower cost to taxpayers–at least in DC and Milwaukee which both have them.

In Washington, D.C., a 2010 study by the U.S. Department of Education found that there was a 21 percentage point gap between the graduation rates of those in the voucher program (graduation rate: 91%) and those who had applied, but had failed to win the placement lottery (70%). A study released late last month by the University of Arkansas’ School Choice Demonstration Project showed a similar pattern in Milwaukee, with those using vouchers in the 9th grade graduating at a rate (77%) eight percentage points higher than their peers in public schools (69%).

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