School shootings

Moms Demand Action ‘Grubers’ their supporters with fairy tale facts

by Kimberly Morin December 10, 2014

Yesterday Moms Demand Action put out a shocking alert claiming that there have been nearly 100 school shootings since Sandy Hook. They took the information from a Bloomberg funded organization and as usual, ran with it rather than verifying any of the facts. Once again their fairytale facts have been debunked over at Truth About […]

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As good liberals, Obama and Biden are pushing for more anti-gun laws. Logical?

by Tim Condon December 21, 2012
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Mass shootings can be and have been stopped in the past…

by Tim Condon December 20, 2012

How? Ann Coulter explains how HERE. Basically, all that is needed is…

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There are no school massacres in Israel…

by Tim Condon December 16, 2012
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