School District Governance Association of NH

This Saturday! SDGANH (School District Governance Association of NH) is having a Golf fundraiser

by Skip August 14, 2018

UPDATE: Bumped up from 6/5,7/9, 7/20, 8/2 as August 18th will soon be here; consider this a reminder! Well, I do know which end of a golf club to hold, and I know the object is to put a small ball into a rather small hole, but that’s the extent of my knowledge of the […]

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Quick Thought – tell me where in the Private Sector that gets these kinds of “raises”?

by Skip May 19, 2018

And in this case, it’s always the taxpayer that is taking in the shorts when our elected officials don’t “cherish” (more on Andru Volinsky in an upcoming post) other peoples money. John Cataldo has a great Op-Ed about “sustainability” or rather, how fiscally unsustainable many financial decisions are (emphasis mine): Roughly 50 percent of city […]

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