Saul Alinsky

In 9 days, the Obama gaslighting will stop

by Skip January 11, 2017

I am SO sick of this guy constantly being the Antagonizer-in-Chief.  At almost each and every turn, in almost every speech and interview, he just seems to delight in putting the shiv in and twisting it just that much more.  Thankfully, the straw(man) season is just about over and we won’t have to listen to […]

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Oh, the story you told, Keely, about being your family being on “government assistance”?

by Skip November 16, 2015

“I come from an incredibly working class family and my family is already on numerous forms of government assistance” Million dollar house, eh? That would be Keely Martin Mullen (I got the name wrong here) from the Million Student March that was skewered eviscerated interviewed by Neil Cavuto about the free stuff they were demanding […]

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Remember when the color Red stood for Communism?

by Skip September 7, 2015

That’s what flashed through my head when I read this in Kimberly’s post on Jeanne Shaheen’s endorsing Hillary “Bathroom Server” Clinton (Bathroom Server – sorta gives “wiping clean” a whole new meaning): Shaheen started out the speech by declaring “This is pink power!” Pink, red – every color to me gets translated to primary one and bright […]

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I don’t have to say a word

by Skip August 18, 2015

But I can complain – what did you do to stop this, Republican Party? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Bill O’Brien For Speaker

by Ed Naile November 10, 2014

I know they won’t listen to me but if only Charlie Brown was here to tell the Establishment Republicans not to try and kick the ball the Democrats are holding for them. But there is no talking sense to people who are scared of their own shadow and principals. Here we go. Bill O’Brien is […]

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Cloward-Piven: a veritable Alinsky / Obama army is invading us

by Skip July 7, 2014

Cloward & Piven were two NYU sociologists and Socialists that predicated that by overloading the welfare system and drive New York City so far into debt, it could not recover and Capitalism would have to be replaced by another form of governance (gee, guess which!).  They almost succeeded. Once again, we see it at play […]

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Obama is behind the IRS Scandal to silence Liberty & Freedom / Free Speech

by Skip June 11, 2014

The IRS was weaponized by the Progressives, chief among them the Community Organizer Obama.  Being an Alinskyite, he TAUGHT the lessons that the end justifies any means, and the end is just pure power (aka, a Totalitarian government).  Quacking platitudes that Free Speech matters only until they believe that can destroy it.  With Lois Lerner […]

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US Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) fires back at Dem US Senators Reid & Schumer

by Skip May 25, 2014

From Hot Air: Senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have taken it upon themselves to single out Rep. Steve King on the floor of the Senate for having the courage to stand for We the People against open borders. As we noted yesterday, the party has refused to defend him, and top NRSC aides are […]

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In Case You Missed It! ‘New Tone!’ by Alinsky Labs

by Steve MacDonald September 8, 2013

I had announced earlier this week that we would have a new PSA on the program but Friday night I came across another one, created in late 2011, that we had never had the opporuntiy to use.  So not only did we add it into the rotation, we played it in the middle of segment […]

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“Shameful” there, ‘Bam? Obama just got Alinsky’d on gun control and is he mad!

by Skip April 17, 2013

What’s good for the gander should be good for the goose – only this time, it seems that the goose has had its feathers all in a dither, as the US Senate voted against the gun control bill, the Manchin/Toomey bill, went down 54-46.  Diane Feinstein’s new and expanded ban on so-called “assault weapons” (hey, […]

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HB617 – Well, ONE Republican is making a big stink about raising the gas tax.

by Skip February 25, 2013

Well, I, Mike, and Steve are all over HB617,  the bill that will raise the gas tax 18 cents over the next four years – and to hammer home the point, we can thank Republicans for greasing the skids to push this through without nary a cross vote.  Well, one NH House Representative has spoken […]

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Email Doodlings – Conservatives should do Press Interviews – but watch the “how”

by Skip January 5, 2013

A good Conservative friend on an email list, well known in NH, refuses to do press interviews.  He’s had nothing but gotcha quotes / twisted quotes as a result, so he now leaves them twisting in the wind as they desperately try to get him to speak.  There are some that do try for the […]

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Dispatch from Future of Journalism Summit / NetRoots Nation foray – Van Jones Book Signing Part 2

by Skip June 10, 2012

Well, of COURSE I bought the book as well.  Why not?  Now, some might say “Hey, you’re funding the enemy!”  Yeah, a few shekels will make it into Van Jones’s wallet.  But I also read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals for TWO specific reasons: Sun-Tze: know your enemy I almost got Alinsky’d before I knew […]

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