Is Kelly Ayotte Just Another White Meat Racist?

by Steve MacDonald November 28, 2012

It is quite obvious from these remarks by New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte that she prefers white meat at Thanksgiving, why else try to put a hold on the nomination of UN Embarrasador Susan Rice as a potential replacement to Hillarity Clinton? Yeah, she has these facts about Rice misleading the American people on Benghazi […]

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A Condensed Version of History…

by Tom September 9, 2012

So, I’m reading the comments on a FoxNews story that reports how Paul Ryan is preparing for his upcoming debate with “Doofus” Joe Biden (don’t ask me how I got to this point).  Anyhow, the silver lining of this Sunday-night distraction was stumbling upon a comment posted by a user named “I AM ALWAYS RIGHT […]

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Men Have No Say? Then Why Make Them Pay?

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2012

The short lived Komen for the Cure controversy over funding for Planned Parenthood ignited more than a few debates in the verse, more of them about abortion as it turns out than breast cancer screening. And we (men) were “reminded” of a few things.  Not only does funding “women’s health issues” continue to be successfully […]

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