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GrokTV – Panel Discussion: Making your vote count – Q&A Part 1

by Skip December 9, 2012

I have chopped up the videos of the Question and Answer period into different posts (as there were a number of topics on which there were questions).  Please note that sometimes the video title “might” not be quite accurate in that often, as these things go, the discussion of the original question quickly morphs to […]

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Fascilitators & Organizers

by Steve MacDonald May 7, 2012

The Foster’s (It’s Australian for Beeyah!) Daily Democrat, gave GraniteGrok some ink this morning regarding James O’Keefe’s “appearance” at a Rye Republican GOP event yesterday…(That’s Rye NH, not the grass or the spirits, though perhaps the humor.) O’Keefe’s video appearance Sunday was facilitated by the conservative political website Granite Grok, which provided live video coverage […]

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GrokTV Event: Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe speaks on voter fraud / NH criminal grand jury subpoena issued yesterday.

by Skip May 6, 2012

This afternoon, the Rye Republican Town Committee held their “Gala Reception for 2012 GOP Candidates” at the Abenaqui Country Club in Rye, NH and GraniteGrok was there to livestream the event. Given such a name, a number of NH GOP candidates for seats in 2012 did attend the sold-out crowd of about 250.  However, the […]

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GrokTV Event: Live blogging at the Rye Republican Town Committee

by Skip May 6, 2012

There’s GOT to be a conservative TEA Party leaning person showing up for RRTC (Diane Bitter, Chair (and new NH GOP Assistant Secretary) at this event, so GraniteGrok is here.  We were asked if we could provide live stream and record the event by ‘Grok friend Diane, so we are attempting to oblige.  Unfortunately, the […]

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Ovide LaMontagne at the Rye Republicans, March 10th, Talks Candidacy and Education (CACR12)

by Mike March 11, 2012

NH Gubernatorial candidate, Ovide LaMontagne, spoke to the Rye Republicans this morning on his candidacy. Topics covered included Ovide’s background, the NH constitution and education, the claremont decisions, and CACR12. In particular, Ovide spoke about the historical relationship between the state and town governments under the NH constitution, the damage done by Claremont, and how […]

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