What Russia Does When Terrorists Shoot at Them From A Mosque

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2016
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What does Russia do when terrorists shoot at them from inside a mosque? They reduce it to a pile of rubble.

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The Clinton’s Are Dirty – But the Uranium Isn’t

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2015
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The New York Times exposes a Clinton Cash for Uranium Deal  while Hillary was Sec-o-State; Winner – Russia. Here’s the Fox News Report, in case you think the NYT is too ‘Right Wing Extremist’ to be believed ( or if you don’t want to read that 4500 word NYT investigative report.  ( has a print […]

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Tweet of the Day – Canada Helps Russian Troops

by Steve MacDonald August 28, 2014
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There seems to be some confusion in Russia about where Russia actually is.  Russian Troops keep finding themselves in Ukraine and can’t explain why. Canada to the Rescue. Geography can be tough. Here’s a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost & ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine — Canada at NATO (@CanadaNATO) August 27, 2014 […]

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Given the situation that Russia’s Putin has put Obama into….

by Skip July 24, 2014

…Putin has made Obama’s words to Mitt Romney during the debate “the 80s called and they want their policies back” look stupid, hollow, mocking, trite, and callow. Schnadenfreude.  And for those of you who are trying to forget those “triumphalism words” (gee, wasn’t that the term you Dems used against Romney??), here’s a little reminder: […]

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Obama Administration’s Busy Day

by Steve MacDonald July 18, 2014
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A passenger plane was shot down with military ordinance, at 11:30 est, (turns out with American’s on board).  The perps appeared to be Russian separatists armed with Russian weapons.  his has significant regional and international complications but President “Reset” was too busy to comment…as if he had no idea what to say anyway… 12:50pm EST […]

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Russia Sends Tanks Into Ukraine, No Sign of Obama

by Scott Morales June 15, 2014
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Reset indeed. Russia sends tanks into Ukraine.  From The New York Times: DONETSK, Ukraine — The State Department said Friday that Russia had sent tanks and other heavy weapons to separatists in Ukraine, supporting accusations Thursday by the Ukrainian government. The failure of this White House is so pungent it’s nauseating.  I cannot recall a […]

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As a former “FredHead”, I found this amusing

by Skip April 6, 2014

(H/T: Powerline)

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The problem with Progressives is that they REALLY think that human nature “has progressed”.

by Skip March 23, 2014

They really believe their own PR: So much for that “Post Cold War” historical period we’re supposed to be in, eh?  Once again, Progressives not understanding that human nature IS just that – human nature.  It hasn’t changed over thousands of years on its own – there is that innate feeling that some have that […]

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Obama is America’s “Commander in Brief” – Misses Another National Security Meeting, But Has Been ‘Briefed.’

by Steve MacDonald March 17, 2014

The title ‘Commander in Chief,’ for the remainder of Mr. Obama’s tenure at least, should be changed to ‘The Commander in Brief.’ WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s national security team discussed the Ukraine crisis in a session at the White House on Saturday after a last-ditch bid to find a diplomatic solution to the […]

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The Honorable John Bolton – CPAC 2014

by Steve MacDonald March 7, 2014
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Great speech. Transcript on the jump

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Russia Seizes Part of Ukraine – Obama Skips National Security Meeting

by Steve MacDonald March 1, 2014
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Is it still Obama’s National Security Team if it meets and Obama is never there? Great question, because they met to talk about the situation with Russia and the Ukraine and Obama was too busy to attend.  But don’t worry.  According to “sources” he has been briefed by Susan ” it was a YouTube Video” […]

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Victor Davis Hanson – The Irony Of Obama’s Fall To Earth

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2014
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How US elections have consequences…for the world NRO Then came the waxen Obama soaring on hope and change, the president who would remake the world along the lines envisioned in a college faculty lounge or a Chicago organizing session. Obama was not a Buchananite isolationist who would be easy for Europeans to caricature. Rather, he […]

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The Goal of the Democrat “Conversation” About Gun Violence Will Result in More Violence, Not Less

by Steve MacDonald September 24, 2013
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The Democrat “conversation” about gun violence is dangerous.  It is dangerous because in its obsessive tunnel-vision group-think it purposefully ignores all acts of violence and their escalation in the absence of armed, law abiding citizens. From NPR There are fewer than 13 million firearms in circulation in Russia, compared with an estimated 300 million in […]

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Smart diplomacy

by Susan Olsen September 6, 2013

Via @jennjacques and @gaypatriot and Ace  

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Where’s The Gold? The Risk To The Dollar From The Shift

by Mike August 9, 2013

GrokTalk! This week – I’ll cover the strange conundrums of the gold and currency markets, such as:

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Dr. Mark Christian – What Really Happened in Benghazi

by Steve MacDonald August 4, 2013

In a letter published at Gateway Pundit, Dr. Mark Christian, a former Muslim Broterhood Member, begins with this… Syrian president Bashar el Assad, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah of Lebanon are fully responsible for the death of United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens. President Obama has known this fact since the minute he first learned about the attack. […]

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Video of Meteor Exploding Over Russia

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2013

There are reports from Russia that as many as 900 people have been injured,  and many windows shattered (see possible effect and then cause relationship there) after a meteor(s) exploded just above the ground in the Ural region. More video on the jump

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The Spiral Begins – Competitive Devaluation, AKA Currency Wars

by Mike February 12, 2013

Updated and bumped: Less than 24 hours after we brought you this warning, we read that The world’s biggest banks are begging the leaders of the G20 nations to avoid a currency war. From The Blaze: The world’s biggest banks on Monday begged the Group of 20 economic powers to work together to avoid a […]

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Clinton a “Finest” Secretary of State? Ridiculous!!

by Don February 7, 2013

President Obama says Secretary Clinton has been one of our country’s finest Secretaries of State.  Huh??  Is the President now smoking something other than cigarettes? Is the world safer, more peaceful, are threats reduced, is our country more respected around the world, are people more free than they were when Hillary took over as Secretary […]

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Exorbitant Privilege vs Pushing On A String: The Decline Of The Dollar

by Mike January 21, 2013

It can’t happen here; We’re too big (to fail?); The whole world wants Dollars; We could never become The Weimar Republic/ Zimbabwe/ Greece/ 1960s Britain… After all, OUR financial wizards are too smart to let that happen! Not so much! Just because Ron Paul has been telling us for a long time that the Federal […]

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What does 70 below zero look like?

by Tim Condon December 24, 2012

You haven’t read this story in every mainstream media outlet, every day, on every front page this last week. It’s those damned Russians: They’re at at it again! What’s the problem, you ask? Well, like I say, it’s the Russians! They’re…

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It’s those wacko right-wingers again!

by Tim Condon November 26, 2012

Here’s a nifty quiz: Which world leader is the following quote referring to? “He could never have imagined anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama…

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Secret Agent 007 is back, in “Operation Hot Mic”!

by Tim Condon May 16, 2012
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Stop START then re-START

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2010

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen chews up a large chunk of the Sunday Union Leader’s opinion page to sell us on president Obama’s START treaty with Russia. Most of the words revolve around suggesting this will enhance security, that it is a good deal for America, and that there at least a busload of experts, past and current military, former Secretaries of State, ex=presidents and sundry others who agree that this Treaty should be ratified. But few things stand between taking this at face value and moving forward on her recommendation.

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