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Media Asks For Evidence the Government Spied on Trump Campaign, Sean Spicer Quotes The Media as Proof

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2017

The media is naturally upset that Press Secretary Spicer is quoting the media as proof that the media is not just selective in its coverage but selective in its memory.

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Blogline of the Day – Obama is always blaming someone else for his inadequacies

by Skip January 17, 2017

And this time, it was about the partisanship in Washington DC.  And this time, he decided to pick on Rush Limbaugh.  Who, of course, has a great sense of repartee: Limbaugh added that it is “noteworthy” that Obama “exempts himself from any of the reasons for partisanship.” “Poor Obama,” he said. “Most powerful man in […]

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Fox News Sunday –
Limbaugh On The GOP Civil War

by Mike March 7, 2016

Skip noted that the GOPe remains clueless about the anger of the base – here, Rush Limbaugh discusses the situation with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday:

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Paging Algore – Your Hoax Is Up!

by Mike January 27, 2016

Ten years ago today, the Gore-acle boldly claimed that we had ten years left to save the Earth from burning up. Rush Limbaugh kept the score with a countdown to Gore-mageddon. And now, the grand finale!

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Fox News: When they have Republican hating David Gregory on Special Report’s “round table”…

by Skip January 27, 2016

I’ve noticed it, too, over the last couple of years.  It seemed to turn Left (ok, to be sure, more centrist) as the TEA Party kept taking a pounding a couple of years ago.  I’ve mentioned it to TMEW a number of times – Fox’s hard line has gone limp.  More oft than I’d care […]

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Three Weeks To Gore-mageddon, 5deg F Tonight!

by Mike January 4, 2016

Courtesy of,, in 2006, Algore predicted we had ten years left to save the world, so Rush did what any sensible observer would do – he started a ten year countdown timer – 3 weeks to go – is it warmer yet? (5deg F in SOUTHERN NH) Meanwhile, as American Thinker reminds us: [W]ho […]

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NH’s Fungus Blight Goes National –
Gets Called Out By Rush!

by Mike November 24, 2015
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I would do pay-per-view for THAT!

by Skip November 9, 2015

Heh!  Heads exploding.  Mark Levin would work as well.  Or us, for that matter! (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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If The Democrat Party Is So Young And Hip….

by Steve MacDonald August 12, 2015
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Rush Limbaugh  You take a look now at the Democrat presidential primary and who are the two front-runners here?  An aging, frumpy, Nurse Ratched kind of non-charismatic, stern-looking woman. And over here a guy that looks like he’s 85 years old bounding about, being thrown off the stage by #BlackLivesMatter protesters. We’re told the Democrat […]

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For Skip – Algore Countdown Clock

by Mike July 28, 2015

Courtesy of,, in 2006, Algore predicted we had ten years left to save the world, so Rush did what any sensible observer would do – he started a ten year countdown timer – 6 months to go – is it warmer yet?

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You Can Never Fully Fund Fraud

by Steve MacDonald May 14, 2015
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I am fond of pointing out that no matter how big a budget might be to Democrats it is never enough.  There is no answer to the question “how much must you tax,” how much must you take,” how much must you spend, because there is NO enough. Whatever it is, it will never be […]

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Quote Of The Week:
“What Should (Elected) Republicans Do?”

by Mike December 14, 2014

“‘Okay, Rush, so what should the Republicans do?’ The right thing to do is to do the right thing, and save the country, and you know full well you have a majority of voters behind you. That’s what they elected you to do! To hell with what the media says about you. To hell what […]

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Rush Limbaugh Threatens to Sue DCCC

by Steve MacDonald November 10, 2014
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The DCCC stated in a September fundraising letter that “Rush Limbaugh is advocating for the tolerance of rape.” Mr. Limbaugh’s legal team has notified the DCCC that they intend to sue them for defamation. Limbaugh retained the services of lawyer Patty Glaser and demanded that the DCCC “preserve all records in anticipation of a lawsuit […]

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NHGOP: A Party Afraid Of Its Grassroots

by Mike September 20, 2014

For today’s Kangaroo Konvention of the NHGOP, called at 9 days notice (not even business days), without regard for proper communication with new delegates minted on September 9th, the NHGOP has moved to remove all contentious proposals from the table, for fear that they might actually be popular enough to get into the Party Platform. […]

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Notable Quote – Rush LImbaugh

by Skip August 14, 2014

Now, what is the left’s worldview in general?  What is it? If you had to attach not a philosophy but an attitude to a leftist worldview, it’s one of pessimism and darkness, sadness.  They’re never happy, are they?  They’re always angry about something. No matter what they get, they’re always angry. They are animated in […]

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Democrats take care of their base; Republicans attack theirs

by Skip July 20, 2014

El Rushbo brings up the differences on how the Democrats take care of their base vs how the Republicans treat theirs: (H/T: Breitbart-TV)      

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Gee, I’ve been saying this for a while…

by Skip March 17, 2014

Generally during discussions of whether the TEA Party SHOULD become a real political party and Republicans scoffing at the idea:  We may not win [as a third party] but you will certainly lose.  Well, I guess I am not the only one any longer – Rush Limbaugh today.  There’s a bunch of topics in this […]

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Has Peter Sullivan Apologized To Marilinda Garcia Yet?

by Steve MacDonald December 17, 2013
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Has Democrat Peter Sullivan apologized to Marilinda Garcia yet?  Have the women (and men) in the New Hampshire Democrat party denounced Peter Sullivan yet for his sexist and objectifying remarks? I don’t think they have.  And that is ironic considering this from the national Democrat Mother-ship… Tell Republicans: Stop enabling Rhetoric that condones Sexual harassment. […]

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Shaheen Family Underwear Gets National Exposure In Limbaugh Letter

by Mike August 31, 2013

It might be voter fraud, and it might not; it might be tax fraud, and it might not: It all depends what the meaning of “reside” is…. This morning on GrokTalk, Ed Naile was regaling us with tales of suspicious Democrat voting patterns – he has SO MUCH evidence to share – and the topic […]

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James O’Keefe – interviewed by El Rushbo!

by Skip July 4, 2013

I have had the privilege to interview James on a number of occasions, we’ve put up almost all of his investigative journalism videos (ACORN, Planned Parenthood, NPR, Teachers Gone Wild, and of COURSE, the First In the Primary Voter Fraud), and participated in the trip to the NH Department of Justice when he went to […]

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Just a thought…

by Skip June 14, 2013

Thoughts from Rush as to why the Establishment Republicans are running to pass Amnesty: “The Republican Party is embarrassed by its own base,” Limbaugh said. “How many times have I sat here and reminded you of this?” …“I assume that some Republicans think there is a new group of people that would become their base. […]

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Giving Away The Store – Two Of These Men Are Useful Idiots

by Mike April 12, 2013

Rush’s reaction to the Toomey-Manchin “Compromise” Background Check bill yesterday! (Manchin(Left) looking pleased with the result.) Artist’s impression of Rush reacting to finding the same nonsense in the House with Peter King and Mike Thompson! (Thompson on the left) I think I can say that the entire Grok team, and all constitution-loving Americans, were shocked […]

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Rush Limbaugh Mentions Me On The Air.

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2013

This goes into the “Wow that’s kind of cool category.”  Today Rush Limbaugh mentioned me by name.  I didn’t hear it but Skip called me from the road, and he was pretty darn excited for me. Rush was reporting on the Breitbart post that Warner Todd Huston put up linking to my GraniteGrok post about […]

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LameStream Media Skew-ered by Their Own Poll Bias

by Mike September 30, 2012

For a long time now, Pete DaTechGuy has been saying of the Democrats: ‘Ride right through them, they’re as demoralized as hell!‘, and Rush Limbaugh has been talking about biased polls oversampling Democrats. In addition, Rasmussen has been tracking the changes in voter registrations, and Dean Chambers over at QStar News has been using Rasmussen’s […]

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Problem is, Obama wishes to put everyone on the Government teat

by Skip May 13, 2012

You know, Grokster Tim is gonna give me SUCH a hard time over this image – time after time I have repeated my one inviolate rule for Groksters about strictures in posts (“Adult themes, kid friendly”) when he (deliberately, and with a smirk on his face – heh!) puts up something that pushes my buttons.  […]

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Woohoo! National Association of Gals (“NAG”) attacks Rush Limbaugh…

by Tim Condon May 9, 2012

…Rush counterattacks with “Rush Babes for America,” announced today. If you’re a conservative, libertarian, Tea Partier, Movement Conservative, 9/12er, Patriot, libertarian-conservative, Constitutionalist, or right-anarchist female, go there and LIKE it!  (“NAG,” by the way, is the alternative name for the so-called National Organization for Womyn, a left-wing, statist, anti-American, collectivist, anti-male and anti-women organization…for Witches […]

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We Just Learned The Proper Way To Cancel Your Carbonite Subscription

by Steve MacDonald March 18, 2012

Following my post on David Friend and Carbonite’s likley ties to Media Matters and the lefts AstroTurf factory, I received this comment from Mark in California, Great article. I just tried to cancel my service to Carbonite and when I told them it was due to the advertising pull on Limbaugh, they said, “too late, […]

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The Reality of Progressive Intimidation

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2012

What you should take away from the Rush Limbaugh fracas, other than that aside from the choice of words, he was right. First, advertisers who initially abandoned Rush Limbaugh are afraid of the left.  They are afraid that the party of big government will come at them with all their resources to undermine whatever it […]

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