About that crack Obama made about Romney during their Prez debate

by Skip January 7, 2018

SHOT: Romney about Russia “This is without question our number one geopolitical foe, they fight for every cause for the world’s worst actors” CHASER: Obama And, the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years. HANGOVER:  The CDC will brief the public on preparing for […]

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RINO Stampede In Ohio- Will It Help Kasich?

by Mike March 14, 2016

First we hear via that the orange Boehner has provided Kasich with the kiss of death by endorsing him, and now we see from The Washington Examiner That Mitt is going to be campaigning with him today: Mitt Romney will campaign for John Kasich in Ohio on Monday, one day before the Buckeye State’s […]

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GrokTALK! – Jazz Shaw from Hot Air.

by Steve MacDonald May 19, 2015
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! – Jazz Shaw from Hot Air.

Jazz Shaw from Hot Air joins us to talk about Mitt and Evander fighting for charity, the Democrat primary Senate throw-down brewing in Illinois, why size matters (when it comes to cell phones), and unsustainable debt and pension distress were institutionalized in the land of Lincoln.  (Part I of II) Listen to the entire podcast […]

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US Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) loses – GOP now has 9 more Senators.

by Skip December 8, 2014

Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) won the Louisiana US Senate run-off against 3 term US Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), 54 – 47.  This was not unexpected as she failed to get 50% of her State’s primary election (with Republicans Cassidy and Manes splitting the vote).  The conventional wisdom was that even as she won 48% of […]

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Channeling Romney AND Thatcher:
[Obama’s] Not Working!

by Mike October 28, 2014

2 1/2 years ago, we noted that Mitt Romney (before the bloodsucking GOP consultant class dumbed him down) had channeled his inner Thatcher and resurrected one of the most famous tag lines of all time “Labour Isn’t Working”, which won Thatcher the premiership in 1979. Here, tweeter @SamAdamsTPP captured a current campaign poster echoing the […]

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Romney versus the libertarians? Here’s where I stand.

by Tim Condon November 5, 2012

Well, well, it seems that a last-minute storm has been brewed up by my posting about libertarians who are refusing to vote for Romney tomorrow. You can see it—and the video that prompted the posting—HERE. That caused quite a bit of reaction, both here and on Facebook, which in turn caused Grokster Skip Murphy to […]

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Visible on The Jersey Shore During the Christie / Obama Aerial Tour

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2012

Jerseygirl345 Twitpic

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Data Point – Rasmussen

by Skip October 28, 2012

  Every day, Rasmussen has been polling likely voters (not just adults, not just registered, but LIKELY voters) as to their picks for Prez.  Now, like the stock market, today’s result is cannot be held to be tomorrow’s result.  However, when you start piling up all the other polls (but throwing those out that are […]

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Des Moines Register – Front Page

by Steve MacDonald October 25, 2012

Romney Expresses Optimism Obama Sharpens Criticism Updated with links to the stories and bumped – Mike. H/T Twitchy

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“Just vote Republican.”

by Tim Condon October 25, 2012

Regarding the Presidential election…it’s over. There’s little question now that Obama will lose the election. Even with  the news blackout by the mainstream media, the truth is emerging: It is becoming clear that our President left Ambassador Stevens and other Benghazi consulate personnel to die in the Al Qaeda attack on September 11th. Whether it was […]

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Debate Round 2: Romney / Obama – what’s the outcome to be?

by Skip October 16, 2012

Will be tweeting out observations and outraged comments as both the need and spirit strikes.  Join us over at our feed; we’ll be using #GROK as our hashtag! Lots of tweets – my fingers hurt.  So, who do you think did the best or best in the different topics?  

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Preference Cascade in real time?

by Skip October 14, 2012

From InTrade: InTrade is where you can “bet” on events – this is the graph showing the participants guess that Obama will be re-elected.  The uptick corresponds with the Democrat Convention, the downtick corresponds with the first debate with Romney.     Mirror Images? (Blue is Obama, Red is Romney) Oh, the Preference Cascade definition?  […]

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Romney Ahead in NH?

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2012

Another Poll, another result.  This one, from American Research Group, (Hill Blog) shows Romney up in New Hampshire 50-46. In other polling, the Granite State WMUR poll shows Romney still down six points, but at the same time they recorded an 18 point swing in Romney’s favor among women voters since their last poll.  So […]

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Elections: all about choice

by Skip October 8, 2012

Nothing more needs to be added: (H/T: Karen)

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A message from Romney supporters to African-American voters:

by Tim Condon October 7, 2012
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Obama couldn’t avoid his record … or What went down Chris Mathews’s leg?

by Don October 4, 2012

That wasn’t a tingle going down Chris Matthews’s leg during the Presidential debate. Apparently four years of media worship, avoiding meaningful questions, and reliance on teleprompters are not great debate preparation. Consequently, the Obama campaign failed to set expectations low enough for President Obama. President Obama must have expected to be able to keep the […]

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The Thrill Is Gone…

by Tom October 4, 2012

Chris Matthews – I hate to bring his “Progressive” stink into this blog, but his reaction to Obama’s performance in the debate last night was priceless. Now, two things happened last night…

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“Point, Romney.”

by Tim Condon October 4, 2012

First the good. Obama’s leg-humping poodles in the mainstream media said “Romney abandoned the Tea Party!” That was of course typical MSM biased BS. On the contrary, Romney didn’t abandon the forceful Tea Party ideals at all. And that’s important. Here’s why….

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Oh yeah…and one other thing!

by Tim Condon October 2, 2012

By the way….

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A plea for bi-partisanship: We can work together to make this happen.

by Tim Condon October 2, 2012

In one month the American people will decide who will be the next President of the United States. The person elected will be the president of all Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans. It’s time for all of us to come together, Democrats and Republicans alike, In a bi-partisan effort for America. Here’s […]

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Romney is losing! I predict a landslide or near landslide…

by Tim Condon October 1, 2012

…for Romney. Remember, you heard it right here first, at New Hampshire’s very own (and yes, we do “dominate the political bandwidth in the Live Free or Die state). Whaaaat!?!  Don’t I know that…

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What Happens If Obama Wins?

by Steve MacDonald September 24, 2012

This is a direct question to my Libertarian leaning friends who claim to have a love of liberty so deep that they would rather watch it bleed out on the street than vote for Mitt Romney.  I get it.   I was never a huge Romney guy.  I was no fan of John McCain either but […]

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New Hampshire: Romney 48% Obama 45%

by Steve MacDonald September 19, 2012

Rasmussen Reports shows Romney leading in its most recent poll in New Hampshire. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in New Hampshire shows Romney with 48% support to President Obama’s 45%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and three percent (3%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) My personal […]

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This lady is p*ssed off!

by Tim Condon September 14, 2012

And I don’t blame her. Does the mainstream media suck? You betcha!

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Why we must all vote for Romney (unpleasant as it may be): An explanation….

by Tim Condon September 4, 2012

As promised, I now turn to explaining why every clear-thinking Liberty and Freedom (“L&F”) activist and onlooker must vote for Romney. But first…

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Conservatives for Obama? No, really….

by Tim Condon August 24, 2012

I mean, I can at least see why maybe some conservatives may decide to vote for Gary Johnson, the national Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate this year…. But then there’s Marty Begin, a   Nevada voter and “self-described conservative” quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal article about Mitt Romney. And…this guy says he’s going to vote for Obama. […]

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Mysterious Folder Conundrum

by Tom August 13, 2012

Suppose you fall in love with someone who is good looking, well groomed, and has lots of potential.  Let’s say you two lovebirds decide to get married.  Giddiness and joy all around…congratulations. One day, you are at the supermarket, casually buying grapes (so you can feed them to your love, like they do in the […]

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Medicare Fraud – [Updated and Bumped – Again…]

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2012

When I say “Medicare Fraud,” I’m not referring to the corrupt practices of people and professionals who are milking taxpayers by running fast circles around the bureaucratic behemoth that is Medicare.  I am referring to the left-wing Democrat lie-factory that has nothing in its barren campaign quiver but fear tactics.   That is the fraud I […]

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Paul Ryan it is: “Hiding Spending Does Not Reduce Spending” (see below)

by Tim Condon August 11, 2012

Bottom line: “We dont’ think government should be in control of all this. We think the people should be in control.” Watch this video; look at the facial expressions and body language of the two politicians to his left; look at the fear and loathing emanating from the other political class pigs around that table! YES!

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Well THIS is instructive: Romney vs. Obama….

by Tim Condon August 10, 2012

Let’s compare!

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