Robin Hood

Correctly identifying the real greedy crooks!

by Skip January 10, 2018

(H/T: Powerline)

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City of Keene Files Lawsuit Against Robin Hood

by Steve MacDonald May 14, 2013

Six members of Free Keene have been wandering the city with pockets full of change, looking for expired parking meters to feed.  When they find one they drop in some coins and leave a calling card. Union Leader Members of the group place cards under windshield wipers that read, “Your meter expired; however, we saved you from […]

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Are Democrats Really This Stupid?

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2012

The latest presidential campaign message to come from the Smartest guy ever to hold the Office™ is that the presumptive Republican opponent is like Robin Hood. They are calling him “Romney Hood.” That’s right.  With the accumulated knowledge of a Drove (or better yet a Flange, Wake, Venue, or Kettle) of White Tower intellectual and […]

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