Robert Mueller

Mueller Files Motion To Hide Evidence From Parties He Has Indicted

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2018

From the “we’re already ignoring the Constitution” files, Minister of Mopery, Herr Mueller, has decided that he can indict people without having to provide evidence for the indictment to those he has charged. Special counsel Robert Mueller and his deputy Rush Atkinson filed a 14-page motion Tuesday arguing that the government shouldn’t have to release certain evidence to indicted […]

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The (Russian) Empire Strikes Back At Mueller

by Mike May 20, 2018

Perhaps charging Russian businesses whose principals are connected to Putin and cannot be extradited was not so smart: One of those businesses has demanded its day in court, and all the discovery (of Mueller’s case) that entails! A few months back, after nearly a year of the Mueller investigation into Russian “meddling” the the 2016 […]

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Tucker Carlson and Mark Penn: Questions for Mueller

by Mike May 6, 2018

Why is nobody questioning Robert Mueller? Courtesy Real Clear Politics (with transcript)

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Mueller’s Machinations Causing Jaundiced Judges

by Mike May 6, 2018

Once a rogue FBI agent, always a rogue FBI agent, it seems, but at long last, judges are balking at Bob’s cases! “[Justice] said this is what the investigation was about. But we’re not going to be bound by it, and we weren’t really telling the truth in that May 17 letter [appointing a special […]

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To be Secure in their Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects

by Mike April 14, 2018

Paul Manafort may be a sleazy lobbyist, but we don’t raid and arrest the armies of lobbyists in DC just for being sleazy. Lawyer Michael Cohen may have flirted with campaign finance violations in his attempts to dissuade ‘Stormy’ Daniels from going public about a 12 year old encounter with Trump, but we don’t send […]

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Deep State Creeps

by Ed Naile January 1, 2018

The short story emerging from “Mueller Enterprises Unlimited” is this – in my humble opinion. Long before Donald Trump came along, a rogue FBI agent – the Bureau’s Associate Director, teamed up with two knucklehead Washington Post employees to take down a sitting president. The highly placed FBI source of damning information against then-President Nixon […]

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Mueller? Mueller? Mueller? …

by Steve MacDonald November 21, 2017

Both the FBI or Special Counsel Robert Mueller (mostly both) have been fishing in Lake Collusion for over a year now, with a big staff and a bottomless budget, and what do they have to show for it? The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for a third party to create a dossier on Trump. But, “…according to the Washington […]

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It’s Time The Revolving Clinton Door Stopped At Prison

by Ed Naile November 6, 2017

I have a tip for Special Prosecutor Robert “Harvard” Muller. That is if he wants to investigate collusion, real collusion. That would be the multi-level scam to hide US State Department documents. The scam is an old one and near and dear to the Clinton Crime Family. Here is how it works.

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Muller Indicts Ham Sandwich With DC Grand Jury

by Ed Naile October 30, 2017

This special prosecutor tasked with bringing down President Trump has latched onto a former Trump campaign manager and his business partner for what looks like failure to file as foreign agents back in 2013. Shot fired, target missed. Better luck next time Mr. Muller. Seeing as Paul Manafort, the only big-name indictment prosecutor Muller has, […]

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Dems Got Friends In Low Places…

by Mike August 10, 2017

…And they’re not big on social graces*… The old saying “can’t see the woods for the trees,” well, Mueller can’t see the swamp for all the corrupt Dems in it. Comey getting himself fired so his handlers could insist on appointing his even more corrupt friend, Mueller as Special Counsel was designed to keep “The […]

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