Disqus Doodlings: Startups, Risk And Reward

by Mike June 22, 2014

In this article on Scott Brown’s association with GDSI, I noted: As someone who has worked in a bunch of early stage companies, I can say that GDSI does not fit the mold. How? a) Because it is a company in search of an exciting idea, rather than an exciting idea in search of funding. […]

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Consider the consequence of a decision – or the keeping of a promise

by Skip February 20, 2013

Unlike our Tranparency-in-Chief Obama who has, over and over, promised that his Administration would be the most transparent ever (as in former EPA Head Lisa Jackson using TWO unofficial email address to keep official business, well, opaque to the public), this boss was very transparent as to what would happen: A southwest Ohio woman says […]

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Regulations didn’t Stop MF Global or JPMorgan Losses

by Don May 15, 2012

JP Morgan earned a $5.4 billion profit in the first quarter of 2012.  It is on course for making a multibillion profit in 2Q2012 and a $20 plus  billion profit for the year despite its recent $2 billion loss.  Businesses  take risks, and some risks do not work out.  Businesses are at risk daily  as […]

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