Wink wink nudge nudge…

by Susan Olsen December 8, 2014

So what if the whole Jassper kerfuffle was just a head fake? What if the NH GOP RINO plan all along was to throw conservatives under the bus at the opening bell, disenfranchise them for the session and try to neutralize their expected opposition to McAyotte in 2016? And, on the home front,  riddle me this. […]

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NH House Speaker’s Race Has “Sununu Disaster” Written All over It.

by Steve MacDonald December 7, 2014
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New Hampshire establishment Republicans hew to one principle and only one.  How do we keep the DC money spigot open and how do we keep the first in the nation primary. (Is that two principles?)  Nothing else matters to them.  They will abandon their platform, its principles, and any candidate that dares espouse them, for […]

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On Amnesty The GOP Can Beat The One With His Own Cudgel… If It Wants To

by Scott Morales December 5, 2014

… and the stakes are huge with a giant upside, as well as castrating downside. But first, do the establishment Republicans even want to fight amnesty?  The reason I ask if the crash of rinos in DC want amnesty is simple (beyond the cheap labor for cronies motive),  I believe it’s an easy fight to […]

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Welcome back, Mr. Speaker

by Susan Olsen November 18, 2014

You’ve been missed.

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Email Doodlings: NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, show me where the by-laws prevent the NH GOP from vetting candidates?

by Skip October 14, 2014

It seems that Steve’s post about the 50 RINOs for Peggy Gilmore, the Democrat running for the NH State Senate and my quick thought flashlighting RINO Susan Emerson has provoked some email traffic and I got tagged into one.  The overriding question is “Why doesn’t the NH GOP vet its candidates” followed up by “an” answer, […]

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50 RINO’s of the Week: “Republicans?” for Peggy Gilmoure

by Steve MacDonald October 13, 2014
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Anyone can claim to be a Republican,  and they do!  SO thank you for telling us who you are because  we are happy to share that with our readers. Now you will know. These sorry individuals are registered with the GOP but support the left-wing extremism of Democrat Peggy Gilmoure.  Proof that there can be […]

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With Republicans Like These…

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2014
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Back in July we were warning people about the influences of (so-called Republican) Bill Greiner (with much respect and admiration to the years of similar warnings that preceded ours). There are plenty of stories about Bill using his money and political influence to undermine Republicans for office in Bedford or elsewhere, so no one should […]

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Make no mistake….

by Susan Olsen September 10, 2014

….this morning, “there is a limp on the Serengeti”.

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Only YOU! Can Keep RINO’s Out Of Concord

by Steve MacDonald September 8, 2014
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Tomorrow is the big day.  Will New Hampshire voters invite the RINO’s back or will they take a stand against progressives hiding in the Republican party? It’s up to you. Only YOU! Can keep RINO’s out of Concord, New Hampshire (and Washington DC).    

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GrokBITE: Senate Republican Majority PAC –
Taking A Bite Out Of NH For Boutin!

by Mike August 17, 2014

As Kimberly Notes below**, the Senate Republican Majority PAC has made a complete ass of itself by spending about $5,000 on a multicolor flyer extolling the virtues of State Senator David Boutin. In so doing, they display the same lack of principles and self-control as the clown they are defending. I’m thinking that the icon […]

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The Havenstein-Brown Problem

by Rick Olson June 20, 2014

“Carpetbagging—presumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality; A politician who seeks public office in a locality where he has no real connections.” —Dictionary Carpet Baggers. This is a term now frequently connected to discourse about Walter Havenstein and Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. Havenstein, touted as a successful businessman, was scrutinized over his […]

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The Minion and the Maven

by Rick Olson June 19, 2014

P.J. O’Rourke once quipped, “Hubris is one of the great renewable resources.” Frankly, I think its grown en masse on the Horn-Cullen RINO Farm. Is there one who deduces this notion, none too bold?

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Jane Cormier, Candidate for NH Senate – GrokTALK! June 14th, 2014

by Steve MacDonald June 17, 2014
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In segment two Jane Cormier joins the program to talk about her NH State Senate campaign (Dist 16), the issues, constituent expectations, and when Republicans legislate out of fear rather than principle. Before that, Skip, Mike, Ed, and Rick revisit the significance of Eric Cantor’s loss, RINO’s and the Concord Flu, a second Bill O’Brien […]

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Words have meaning

by Susan Olsen May 23, 2014

“Smurfdaddy (n.) Also smurf-daddy, 1. A small, elderly man who lavishes money, protection and connections on convictionless political hopefuls; in return, he requires that you kiss his ring. 2. (Slang): A variant of sugar-daddy for the political realm. A former politician who still yields enormous power within the political realm and has overt control over […]

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Notable Quote – Ol Remus

by Susan Olsen May 6, 2014

“The Forgotten Man, now as  then, is a beast to be burdened, something to  be bargained for, not  with.  In education and employment he’s commanded by the corrupt to stand aside for  the incompetent, the  improvident and perpetually needful, even  the criminal illegal. He’s embezzled by default and slandered in absentia. He’s the uncaring, unfeeling malignancy […]

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House Republican Alliance Midterm Scores Are Posted

by Steve MacDonald April 16, 2014
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The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NHHRA) has posted their midterm grades.   And this is a great report (Link -PDF Sorted by Score).  It grades votes based on the New Hampshire Republican platform.  And while there are plenty of Republicans who vote like Republicans, they are not our concern.  Our concern is the bottom of […]

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RINO Finger-Pointing

by Rick Olson April 15, 2014

“Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”  —Will Rogers I saw the first Scott Brown for Senate campaign ad this morning on the local, “puppies and kitties,” affiliate, Channel 9. Last week, Scott Brown visited Joe Kelly LeVasseur’s Theo’s Restaurant and, “worked the crowd,” Joe tells me.  […]

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Repeal It, Kill It, Gut It, Never Bring It Back

by Ed Naile April 1, 2014

The media pundits have declared ObamaDemocratCare “unrepealable” because it reached the phony milestone of trapping a couple million registrants who were kicked off real health insurance by ObamaDemocratCare. The idea behind this new media mantra is that the Republicans will adopt this lie as their own marching order into the next election and learn to […]

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Finger-Wagging Liberal Hartford Courant

by Rick Olson February 17, 2014

“If the reporter has killed our imagination with his truth, he threatens our life with his lies.”  —Karl Kraus The Hartford Courant’s Friday editorial takes up the liberal finger-wagging cause of calling for law and order, calling those who have not registered their, “assault weapons”[sic] scofflaws. In an editorial entitled, State Can’t Let Gun Scofflaws […]

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Good question…

by Susan Olsen February 8, 2014

A reader posed this question…  

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Aaron Day, Chair of the RLCNH, talking about the downside / Myths about expanding Obamacare (Medicaid Expansion) here in NH

by Skip February 7, 2014

“Can’t be Compassionate AND Insolvent at the same time“ This was recorded at the New Boston Republican Committee by Bill Wynne – presented by permission. Myths that the NH State Republican Senators (and their Democrat friends like Maggie Hassan and Sylvia Larson) are helping to promulgating about the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion: We’re getting our tax […]

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So Christie is the GOP’s Guy? Or The Muslim Brotherhood’s Guy?

by Rick Olson February 7, 2014

“And, while you’re stabbing me in the back, you can kiss my ass, too.” —unknown Back in July, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hosted a dinner at the Governors Mansion where he hob-nobbed with members of Hamas and the Muslin Brotherhood, erstwhile lamenting a “gaze of intolerance that’s going around our country …” When concerns […]

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The RINO Report: Usual Suspects And Some Newly Minted

by Rick Olson January 22, 2014

“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” —Barry Goldwater   HB 474 passed out of the house today on a roll call vote of 188 to 155. “Relative to eligibility for in-state tuition rates at the university system of New Hampshire,” as the […]

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All Out War?

by Steve MacDonald January 18, 2014
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I get all kinds of email, from both sides, and this morning I read something from a TEA Party email that went something like this… The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — the National Democrats official campaign arm — has declared all–out war on the Tea Party. In panic to save Obamacare, they have announced the […]

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Any More Main Street Republican Money In New Hampshire?

by Steve MacDonald January 15, 2014
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NH Congressman Charlie Bass was the most notorious modern Main Street Republican with a New Hampshire pedigree.   A group that has a very liberal agenda and ties to Democrat money (and Soros money) going all the way back to 2002.  So you won’t be surprised to hear that this trend has not only continued, it […]

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2014
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In England, the dissolution of the Monasteries by the State resulted in an increase in public begging.   The monasteries, you see, acting as private, voluntary charities,  had long tended to the needs of the truly impoverished and downtrodden at their discretion.  Which is to say, they took an interest in the care of the truly […]

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Fergus Cullen Asks Granite Staters To Fund College For Illegal Aliens

by Rick Olson January 12, 2014

“Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.”  —Oliver Goldsmith House Bill 474, Sponsored by Representative Peter B. Schmidt, (D) Strafford-6, would allow for in-state tuition status for  for students who are without a lawful immigration status. In short, this Democrat…this academic…who has a “dog in this fight” sponsors a bill to provide tuition at […]

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Where do I join?

by Susan Olsen January 5, 2014

H/T Weasel Zippers

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Gun Double-Bind

by Rick Olson January 1, 2014

“Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed.”  —Mark Twain   New Jersey has some of the toughest gun laws in America. Citizens in New Jersey are virtually unarmed. Issuance of licenses or permits to carry a pistol concealed are the exception, not the rule. In order to do so, one must have a […]

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Send a Message to a Carpet-Bagging RINO

by Rick Olson December 18, 2013

 You can win this rifle merely by “showing up”  WHEN:         THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2013  TIME:           5:30 pm  LOCATION:   HUNT MEMORIAL BUILDING 6 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060 MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Rick Olson from Granite Grok SPEAKERS: Garret Lear, the Patriot Pastor, Jenn Coffey, Second Amendment Sisters, Attorney Jon Evans, NHFC, GONH, and others…  DETAILS:1) […]

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