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Castle Doctrine Prevails

by Rick Olson June 26, 2013

“The Second Amendment does protect the right to people to possess weapons for self-defense in the home. That’s what the Supreme Court said.”   —Laurence Tribe In the Union Leader today, the headline read, “AG says Manchester man justified in shooting home invader.” In my post on this incident on June 11, “Castle Doctrine, NOT Stand […]

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Death by Gun Control….

by Tim Condon June 20, 2013

One of the issues supported by statists everywhere is  “gun control.” In fact, a rolling caravan came into New Hampshire the other day to “read the names of victims of gun violence” (courtesy of New York city’s fake Republican Michael Bloomberg, among others). Well…does anyone besides me wonder why they don’t travel around reading the […]

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When police violate our rights…

by Tim Condon May 31, 2013

…do they become the enemy? In Medford, Oregon recently, police arrested a man and confiscated his weapon for firing a warning shot to stop violent felon (wanted by the law) who was breaking into his home. No one, including the criminal, was hit by a bullet. Read on….

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The Stalinist Idea Behind HB135 – The Effort to Repeal Stand Your Ground

by Steve MacDonald May 27, 2013

I pulled this opening line from a very interesting article by Steven Hayward at Powerline because it reminds us where the lefts hatred for the right of self defense actually comes from, even if they themselves do not know it. If memory serves, Irving Kristol once remarked that the term “peace,” as it was used […]

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The Second Amendment in China. (WHAAT?)

by Tim Condon April 28, 2013

This just in from the BBC. It happened days ago in Xinjiang province, China, where “officials described as community workers searched homes for weapons.” What happened? It started when “three officials were killed as they were investigating reports of suspicious individuals at the home of a local resident.” And then…

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Senator Kelly Ayotte takes a good stand!

by Tim Condon April 25, 2013

We all know that the Democrat party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our socialist-in-chief, Obama. I mean, this guy hates people having the means to defend themselves. That’s why the Democrats are in such a frenzy to ban guns. Here’s an example of what’s coming from the Democrat “community organizer” network (paid for, no doubt, by […]

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“Republicans” who oppose our most basic right

by Tim Condon April 18, 2013

…that is, the sacred and inalienable right to self-defense. There are only 3 Republicans in the U.S. Senate who voted against that right by supporting Obama’s just-defeated attempt to strip away a little more of the 2nd Amendment. I memorialize them here so we will remember…and so they can be defeated in their next reelection […]

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Good news out of Fayetteville, North Carolina!

by Tim Condon April 14, 2013

Well, well, well: Once again an intended victim uses a GUN to save his life and that of his family. (Terrible, eh?) This was a home-invasion by four criminal thugs. The homeowner killed two of them with a GUN. The other two are still on the loose as this is written. You can read the […]

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A pretty girl with a padded brassiere…

by Tim Condon April 12, 2013

Every woman should have one!

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The new “bipartisan gun control” bill: Moving America toward the Yellow Line

by Tim Condon April 12, 2013

We’ve been having a debate at GraniteGrok  about which of us supports a filibuster on the threatened new Senate “gun control” bill, and who thinks we should let’er rip…i.e. “Let’s have a public debate in Congress. Let’s see a vote! Let’s see who wants to impose de facto national gun registration.“ Count me among…

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When your head smells like dead fish….

by Tim Condon April 11, 2013

If you’re looking for political commentary, this ain’t it. I’ve just been ruminating today. It started when I was jogging and working out….

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Front page headline in today’s Wall Street Journal: “Senate in Deal on Gun Checks”

by Tim Condon April 11, 2013

And here the Virtual President addresses a joint session of Congress on the subject:

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Democrats and Racism

by Tim Condon March 18, 2013

Democrats love to call people names. One of their favorites is shouting “racist” at any person or policy they disagree with. Yet one of the main goals for Democrats is racist at its core. You see…

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Yet one more reason that “assault rifles” should be banned…

by Tim Condon February 18, 2013

If you don’t hit the bad guys and shoot the wall instead, you can damage your wall.

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Chicago’s strong gun control laws…

by Tim Condon February 15, 2013

Some of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S. in fact. So, this just in: EAST CHICAGO (CBS) — Home from Afghanistan for just five months, 25-year-old Indiana National Guardsman Willie Cook was gunned down while shielding his two-year-old son.

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California leads the way again!

by Tim Condon February 10, 2013

If you support further restrictions on keeping and carrying guns, you’re in for a treat. If you think gun control laws make you safe, developments in California will make you want to move there. If any of these proposed laws pass, you really will want to move. Read on….

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From the Democrats, a deafening silence…

by Tim Condon February 6, 2013

Obama has just issued another Executive Order: Henceforth, unregistered firearms in America are to be referred to as “undocumented weapons.” What? What happened? Where’d all the anti-self-defense, “gun control” Democrats go?    

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I. Want. This. Video. To. Go. Viral.

by Tim Condon February 4, 2013

With this GG posting, I’m doing something different: Normally my posts go out to a list of like-minded libertarian and conservatives; it is part of a branching communication network which his helping to replace the former MSM information monopoly. But the video below is so important, and so well done, that non-conservatives and non-libertarians should all […]

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Legal open carrying of firearms by citizens…

by Tim Condon December 26, 2012

…became the law in Oklahoma on November 1, 2012. World doesn’t end. (Note: Open carry has always been legal in New Hampshire; it is guaranteed by the New Hampshire State Constitution. You can read about that from 2nd Amendment hero Sam Cohen of Pro-Gun New Hampshire HERE.)

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“Gun Control,” Obama, and the Media

by Tim Condon December 21, 2012

By Neal Boortz, from his website, an number of important observations on the revitalized push to outlaw our inalienable right to self-defense as embodied in the 2nd Amendment:

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Mass shootings can be and have been stopped in the past…

by Tim Condon December 20, 2012

How? Ann Coulter explains how HERE. Basically, all that is needed is…

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