Right To Life

Notable Quote – Mike Adams

by Skip February 6, 2018

…Put simply, the pro-abortion choice advocate is usually a secularist who believes that human beings are the ones charged with assigning value to other humans. In other words, they think our rights come from man rather than God. This position creates a necessary tension with one of the secularist’s other professed values. Christians need to […]

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Universal Rights, Anyone?

by Ellen Kolb January 2, 2018
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From Twitter: the United Nations wants to celebrate human rights. @obianuju suggests that the U.N. broaden its horizons. A very important anniversary coming up in 2018: Universal Declaration of Human Rights is turning 70!#StandUp4HumanRights & read your #RightsOutLoud ???? https://t.co/NS3qFiFtIy pic.twitter.com/FdYnWG2RIV — United Nations (@UN) December 30, 2017 Until the UN stops their support for abortion- […]

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[Ironic] Blogline of the Day – if only Cecile Richards (CEO Planned Parenthood) actually meant it

by Skip September 7, 2017

“Here at Planned Parenthood, we firmly believe that every person has the right to live, work, and raise a family freely and without the threat of deportation or separation.” Unless, of course, that person is an unborn baby they abort and pad their profit line.  Her high salary ain’t payin’ itself, dontcha know. (H/T: RightWingNews)

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Planned Parenthood Planning Penacook Street Buffer Zone?

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2016
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Is Planned Parenthood in Concord, New Hampshire preparing to impose a buffer zone outside their Penacook Street warehouse facility? A woman was recently spotted outside the building, “measuring” the property. New Hampshire passed a buffer zone law in 2015 right before the US Supreme Court struck down a similar law in Massachusetts as unconstitutional.

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Progressives are inconsistent by design

by Skip July 25, 2015

But they want you to believe otherwise: (H/T: Powerline)

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Doug Scamman – a note on the “social issues” you want Republicans to drop

by Skip July 21, 2015

After all, they are JUST so icky and JUST so divisive.  So, ‘splain this one to me, eh? This all comes as Walker shoots up in the GOP primary polls with the renewed focus he’s placing on social issues and on national security issues. Social issues.  Polling high.  Why, Doug, why?  Does this mean that […]

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Darlene Pawlik – Right To Life Update

by Steve MacDonald January 12, 2015
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Darlene Pawlik is back for the GT RTL Update.  We talk about the March for Life this coming Saturday (with featured speaker Catherine Adair).  We also touch on health standards, government sanctioned murder of people, pocket-picking Planned Parenthood, and discuss the current state of life issues as well as some likely legislation for the coming […]

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Darlene Pawlik talks about her road to Right To Life

by JR Hoell December 18, 2014

It is amazing the fortitude of some of those in the pro-life movement. Here is one of our very own, someone who has been through so much, yet gives her all to help other women in need. Thank you Darlene. When He Got Me Pregnant, I Faked an Abortion So My Sex Trafficker Would Let […]

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Darlene Pawlik – NH Right to Life

by Steve MacDonald November 6, 2014
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Darlene Pawlik from New Hampshire Right to Life joins us to talk about the defense of the pre-born, the rights of those nearing the end of their natural lives, the language of the left, the value of life, the very real effect of abortion on women, why life begins at conception and  more… Listen to […]

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Interview: Jane Cormier by Ellen Kolb of Leven for the Loaf for NH State Senate District 16

by Skip July 24, 2014

Ellen Kolb has been a guest on GrokTALK! several times and we’ve had a splendid time.  She also runs Leven for the Loaf – a solo blog that concentrates on issues surrounding the Right To Life.  She had the opportunity to interview former NH State Rep Jane Cormier who is now running for NH State […]

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So we are to compromise our Principles simply to get a “W”, Doug Scamman?

by Skip April 22, 2014

In the UL today, ramifications of Walt Havenstein’s abortion equivocation on CloseUP were discussed with NH Rep Kathleen Souza saying “he’s toast” due to his pro-choice stance even as he claims he is pro-life personally; the “I was for it before I was against it” argument is not going to fly for those of us who […]

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Off With The Schedulers Head (Later)

by Ed Naile January 6, 2014

I’ll bet someone in DC has their blue nose out of joint today!! The current head of the RNC is setting aside part of a scheduled Winter Meeting of the elite clan for a chance to see, and mingle with, hundreds of thousands of fellow Republicans from the, get ready, Republican base.  Check out the […]

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Email Doodlings – “How did we get to this point?”

by Skip June 24, 2013

I get a lot of email.  A ton of email.  Sometimes, more than what I can deal with even after I’ve set up rules and folders for people, groups, and issues to make it easier to prioritize which gets read first (e.g., TMEW over the Groksters – a rather obvious choice, wouldn’t you agree?).  Even […]

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GrokTALK! Snippets–Segment Four: Ellen Kolb on Life, Religious Liberty, And The Pursuit of Media Responsibility

by Steve MacDonald April 14, 2013

In the Fourth and final Segment of this weeks podcast Skip and Steve talk with longtime New Hampshire life Advocate Ellen Kolb about the HHS mandate, the GOP and Social Issues, Kermit the Killer Gosnell, the missing media, Planned Parenthood and more. Due to a technical problem the first few minute of this segment were […]

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40 Years – 55 Million

by Susan Olsen January 26, 2013

H/T The Looking Spoon

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GrokTV – Right to Life Rally: interview with Ovide Lamontagne

by Skip January 21, 2013

Also at the Right To Live Rally this past Saturday at the NH State House was Ovide Lamontagne – easily the “Gentleman of NH Politics”.  He has always been a strong advocate for the Right To Life; thus, seeing him with his ready smile was not a surprise.  While he chided me a tad for […]

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GrokTV – Right to Life Rally: interview with Ashley Pratt, Exec. Dir. of Cornerstone

by Skip January 21, 2013

Cornerstone: Cornerstone-Action and Cornerstone Policy Research are non-partisan, non-profit organizations dedicated to preserving New Hampshire’s traditional values, limited government, and free markets through education, information, and advocacy. Our vision is to create an environment in which strong families—the foundation of our society—can lead New Hampshire into a new era of prosperity and strength… I finally […]

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GrokTV – Right to Life Rally: interview with Karen Testerman and Susan Olsen

by Skip January 21, 2013

This past Saturday was a two-fer for rallies that we attended.  The first one was a Right To Life Rally and March – a Pro-Life affirmation that even the unborn children deserve  have the Right to live a full and exemplary life even in the face of the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade.  After […]

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Susan Olsen December 24, 2012

According to the National Right to Life folks, 1.2 million unborn children were killed by Planned Parenthood and its ilk via abortion in 2011.  According to the Brady Campaign, 12,179 people (children and adults) are killed each year by guns or gun-related crimes. So, unborn children are 98 times more likely to die at the […]

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Life Matters – Alan Keyes Speaks at Colorado Right To Life Banquet

by Steve MacDonald December 7, 2012

I’m not just posting this because I like to share, I also want to watch it later.  (I started to, but did not have enough time.) This is Ambassador Alan Keyes, speaking at the Colorado Right To Light Banquet, (most importantly) on the matter of Personhood. After I’ve seen the whole thing I’ll post some […]

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We let Democrats define the terms of our defeat

by Carolyn November 13, 2012

When Democrats set the terms of the 2012 campaign for state and federal offices, Republican leaders blew their horns about jobs and the economy and counted on their position of strength and the glaring weaknesses in their enemy’s lines to secure victory. Republicans lost because they forgot to tell the troops about the Democratic weaknesses. […]

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What Justice Ginsburg and Bill Maher Have In Common

by Steve MacDonald October 22, 2012

Last week I wrote about some comments by Bill Maher that included this progressive gem: My motto is let’s kill the right people.  Sure Bill, you and the rest of the Progressive Democrats for more than 100 years… This is a party descended from eugenicists whose support for abortion and “end of life decisions” is […]

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Press Conference: Susan B. Anthony List in favor of HB 228

by Skip April 5, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 4, 2012 CONTACT: Mallory Quigley, 703-380-6674, mquigley@sba-list.org Pro-Life Leaders to Urge Defunding of Abortion Providers in NH Former Congresswoman to Testify before NH Senate Health & Human Services Committee  Concord, NH – On Thursday, April 5, 2012 the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) will host a press conference in Concord […]

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