Rick Santelli

Notable Quote – Rick Santelli

by Susan Olsen April 18, 2015

“we’re all frogs in boiling water”  as we await the consequences of central planning.’    

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No Stent For You – Santelli On The Evil Of IRS Involvement In Persecution AND Healthcare

by Mike May 13, 2013

H/T ZeroHedge.com

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Hmm, is it legal for Illinois legislators to make US Currency illegal? And register your gold purchases?

by Skip January 14, 2013

What ever happened to: THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE A most disturbing post over at Zero Hedge – Illinois legislators think that gold is about on par with guns – you have to register your purchase and you cannot pay in cash (SB3144).  It’s sorta like, well, they want […]

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Lunatics? To NOT spend more than what the US can repay?

by Skip January 4, 2013

$16 Trillion for our national debt.  A whole ton of money, which I’m not entirely sure that IF (and that is a mighty BIG IF) our CongressCritters and President were truly serious about our financial affairs, we could pay back in any kind of reasonable time frame.  But actions to date have proven that Obama […]

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