Rhode Island

Some People Stay In Rhode Island And Vote Democrat – This Is Known As ‘Bad Luck’

by Mike February 28, 2013

Riffing off the Heinlein Quote about reviling success and accepting tyranny, we have this gem via American Spectator about Apathy and Fear in the Ocean State. In Rhode Island, The ‘State of Corruption'{TM}, government has become so expensive, and so oppressive, and has so many dependents (current and former government employees exceed 20% of the […]

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“Chase” That Chill Away – HB 307 is Dead.

by Steve MacDonald February 18, 2013

Last Wednesday the New Hampshire House voted on HB 307, an act relative to government being a big pain in the ass.  Wait…that would be most of the bills and all of the ones written by Democrats.   I’ll be more specific. HB 307 – AN ACT relative to the removal of certain wood stoves upon the sale of a […]

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Cynthia Chase Moved Here From Rhode Island – Recently

by Steve MacDonald January 5, 2013

New Hampshire Democrat Cynthia Chase (Cheshire Dist 8) is getting a lot of press.  Her comments have gone viral.  While I’m happy to have played my small part, the benefits go a lot further; people are searching the original story, landing on FreeKeene,  Reason.com, coming across Dr. Tom Woods original report, even cruising over to […]

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