Obama The Beneficent Grants Exemptions

by Mike December 23, 2013

In yet another example of the imperial presidency, and Obama’s practice of declaring that the law means what he chooses it to mean, no more, no less, today Reuters carried the headline “ObamaCare Signup Deadline Pushed Back“, and advised that The “White House gave consumers shopping on the program’s website an extra day, until December […]

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Reality vs Propaganda – Reuters Bursts the Left’s Bubble On Gun Crime Rates

by Mike May 7, 2013

Justice Department figures reported by Reuters of all people: Even though gun ownership is at all time highs, gun-related crimes and deaths are near all time lows – could it be that John Lott is right? Reuters points out that only 12% of Americans realized that gun crimes have been falling, while 56% believe that […]

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Europeans Discover The Pollution Caused By BioFuels

by Mike January 8, 2013

The facade is cracking – reported by left-leaning Al-Reuters, posted on left-leaning Yahoo!, we learn that government-backed pollution reduction schemes might just have the opposite effect! Quelle horreur! Mon Dieu! Gor Blimey! What could be going on here? Well, it turns out that government mandates tend to have unintended consequences, in this case, increased Ozone […]

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The New Up and Coming Scourge of Our Nations Youth: The Bouncy House?

by Steve MacDonald November 26, 2012

The number of U.S. children hurt while using inflatable bouncers, such as bounce houses and moonwalks, is 15 times higher than in 1995, according to a new study. That’s the lead from Reuters. I didn’t look past the dead link at the bottom of the article but I’d love to know who the ‘researchers’ are […]

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The most arrogant….

by Skip June 21, 2012

“The most interesting arrogant man in the world” (H/T: Reuters) REALLY?  Reuters?  One of the Obama boosting MSM?  Yup?  Do I dare issue a “If Obama has lost Reuters…”?  Or is it more of “Really?  Reuters is participating in the Alinskying of Obama?”

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Democrat Support for Obama Waning?

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2012

Way back when anyone cared, if at all, Burger King used to run commercials in which people at Burger King would look into the camera and say they like the Whopper better than the Big Mac.  To anyone paying attention to the “small print” it became clear what the context was.  People who go to […]

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Reuters Headline: What The?

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2011

Reuters is referring to DOMA, the defense of marriage act, which is not an anti-gay marriage law. It does not prevent a state from passing a same sex marriage law. It is a federal law that allows states to define marriage for themselves and does not require them to recognize any form of marriage which the majority of that states residents may object to.

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