New Hampshire Governors fail in the Oath of Office

by Dan Itse July 9, 2018

Note: we welcome Dan Itse to our ranks as a Grokster! A long time member of the NH House of Representatives, he was acknowledged to be one of the foremost experts on both the US and NH Constitutions here in the State of NH and with his first post, he does not disappoint by bringing […]

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“It’s a timeless question: where do a school’s responsibilities begin, and where do they end?”

by Skip March 21, 2018

“This is especially relevant when considering where to draw the line between what constitutes parents’ responsibilities and a school’s.” Wouldn’t it be great if NH schools had this outlook on who is responsible for what, and what the school’s boundaries are?  In the context of that question, I remind you that my soon-to-be daughter in […]

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Failure to launch – thanks to Liberals?

by Skip April 29, 2013

‘Grok friend DCE (aka Chan) runs Weekend Pundit and every late Sunday afternoon / evening, he has a long running feature called “Thoughts on a Sunday“.  Every Sunday (or Monday), it is a must read.  This week had a bit on the idea that Society, under Liberal guidance, is prolonging teen-age adolescence into the mid-twenties.  […]

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