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Patriot fans tell the Patriot players who took a knee what they think of them

Boston is a patriotic place – this is the area of the country where the “Shot heard ’round the world” was fired when the British Redcoats were sent to disarm the colonials.  A ragtag militia of 70 odd ordinary male citizens stood up to a mass of 700 British regulars – the finest army in the world of that time.  We take our heritage seriously, and we take our flag and our national anthem just as seriously.  While Pats fans are rabid in their devotion to their team, last Sunday they showed that they have a greater loyalty – in the long line established by those in Concord/Lexington who were willing to stand (and fall) to secure our liberty.

Yes, the Pats fans want to watch their team, again, rabidly. But for the lying MSM and the SJWs arguing that they are just racists and that there is no other reason for not joining #BendTheKnee, their blindness to the Goodness of this country blinds them. Continue reading

Sadly,some will never understand “All gave some; some gave all”

Without the knowledge, there is no respect for Memorial Day

I’ve been putting up these kinds of videos for years – kids, young adults, that known little to nothing of our country’s history or of American Exceptionalism.  Sure, we have had wars in our past – we are a country born of war.  You’d think they’d know of that war – the Revolutionary War.  The war of 1812, our Civil War, World War I and II, the Korean War.

Writ large, these kids know little.  And who is responsible for this?  Let me surprise you, for I’ve been saying our educational system for years.  But when it comes down to it, who is really responsible in inculcating that knowledge, that respect?

Their parents.

(H/T: The Blaze)

NOW NH Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley has a conscience that NH taxpayers are also FEDERAL taxpayers?

BradleyCare copyFrom WMUR’s CLOSEUP:

“It’s still a $70 billion cost,” said Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, referring to the national cost of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. “New Hampshire taxpayers are federal taxpayers, and I think we need to respect that.”

Respect?  Well, my, my – how CONVENIENT, eh?  When it came to passing Medicaid Expansion the first time (lying directly to my face and trying to pass it off as a “conservative” implementation), he was ALL about the free Federal money?  He crowed that it wouldn’t cost NH taxpayers anything – the schmuck wanted all of us to believe that the ObamaStash was free money. And with the Federal monies going to ratchet down (and even faster if the DC Republicans can finally get themselves a backbone and figure out how to get out that that sopping wet paper bag they encased themselves in.

Yet, when it comes to this issue, that of tightening up the SNAP (food stamps) eligibility requirements (which are entirely Federally funded), he finds tax religion.

What a schmuck; such the hypocrisy.

Not even the retail politics here in NH could dig this up – seems Hillary IS vile to the little people

I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America’!”Tony Snow reporting on Hillary’s health care plan.

hillary_redqueenWe expect to meet our candidates multiple times, not just to hear them but to vet them.  We expect them to be here in good weather and bad, in the bigger NH cities and the little hamlets.  Sooner or later, under the watchful eyes of individual citizens that really do care about “getting it right”, the real person that is the candidate comes out whether by gaffe or a momentary slip of the PR mask.  But I bow to the superior knowledge of those that knew them “on” camera / “in the public eye” and when not:


‘?Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.

“F*** off,” she replied.

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I don’t get no respect

I wrote to all the NH Senators this morning asking they support SB 116 – “Constitutional Carry”.  I got some “I will support the bill”, I got some canned “Thank you for contacting my office”.

But the response I got from District 7 Senator Andrew Hosmer was a first:

Would I buy a used car from this guy?

Would I buy a used car from this guy?


GrokBite – Once again, on military issues, Obama is AWOL

Respect vs golf, paying respect or playing golf.  Honoring a slain US Military warrior or addressing a little white ball – which should I choose? Could also have been the Blogline of the Day:

While a Military Daughter Buries Her 2-Star General Daddy, the Commander-in-Least is Nowhere to Be Found


When two-star Major General Harold Greene, the highest-ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam, was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday, neither the President nor the Vice President were present.

The nominal Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama was playing a round at the Vineyard Golf Club with Valerie Jarrett’s cousin, Cyrus Walker, the World Bank president and former President of Dartmouth College Jim Kim, and former lobbyist and ambassador Ron Kirk.

Just yet another dismissal by the CinL of the military – befitting his view upon them.  Boy, isn’t the true face of Obama showing now?  He seemingly has never learned that loyalty up first required loyalty and fidelity down.

D-Day Rememberance: “It’s just that he makes it so hard to do so.”

From the Corner:

Brix, France — Some of the veterans attending the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings here in France have fascinating stories.  Take George Ciampa, the most vibrant and spry 89-year-old I have ever met. In 1944, he landed in Normandy as a soldier assigned to the 84th Graves Registration Unit. “I spent the next few years going from France to Germany helping to bury people,” he told me….

…This week, George received a call from the White House, who said they knew he would be over in France during D-Day, and wondered if he would attend a private meeting the White House was arranging for veterans with President Obama.  George thought about it for awhile and concluded he just couldn’t. “I have so many issues with the president’s policies, including the most recent ones,” he told me ruefully.  “I just couldn’t convince myself to do it.” He is not alone. The recent Bergdahl prisoner swap in which five hardened Taliban terrorists were released from prison is rubbing a lot of the military veterans attending D-Day events the wrong way.

“It’s not that we don’t want to respect the commander-in-chief,” one told me sadly. “It’s just that he makes it so hard to do so.”

And THIS is the nub of the problem caused by our Legislators – on BOTH sides of the aisle

I have said this over and over and over again – and the problem is brought upon by legislators on both side of the aisle – the lack of respect for our Constitutions and the principles behind why we have government.  Susan posted Ian Underwood’s testimony on NH HB 1589 – a law that would require all sales of all firearms to be handled by FFL agents of the Government in undergoing background checks by buyers.  The money line is bolded:

The first is that a bill like this undermines respect for the very rule of law itself. After all, if the legislature isn’t going to respect the limits placed on it by the NH Constitution, then why should individuals respect the limits placed on them by that legislature — whether regarding guns, or schools, or traffic laws, or anything else?

If we’re going to disregard the big rules, why pay any attention to the smaller ones? For that matter, if words like ‘all’ and ‘person’ no longer mean what they’ve meant for centuries, then why should we pretend that laws, which are made of words, mean anything at all? In other words, if you can behave as if ‘all’ doesn’t mean ‘all’, why can’t I behave as if ‘not’ doesn’t mean ‘not’?

The essence of this law is to continue the process of turning us from Free and Sovereign Citizens that have a Government instituted to protect the Liberties that accrue to us simply by being alive to a Country and Government that bestows privileges upon its wards – and withdraws them as well, both on political whims instead on absolute values. At our founding, Citizens decided to have a government for THEM, with citizens being preeminent.  Progressives believe that this relationship MUST be reversed: that Government should remove such parts of our implicit Freedoms and Liberties such that it would rule its subjects.

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Just in case you really believe Obama and Michelle “honor our Vets”

Washington Examiner:

The American Battle Monuments Commission attributed the closure to the government shutdown. “Due to a lack of funding for ABMC operations (U.S. Government shutdown), ABMC cemeteries and memorials are temporarily closed,” the commission said.

…Ferguson told the Washington Examiner that the commission has $85 million left over from fiscal year 2012.

Remember – if Obama is willing to use Veterans in an Alinsky action: Continue reading

New Hampshire House Democrat Respect & Civility Alert!

New Hampshire Democrats ran on respect and civility.  And we knew it for the fraud it was but people still fell for it.David Miller Democrat Roch NH

Part and parcel to the fraud was Speaker Norelli claiming to shake up the seating arrangements in the House to help build respect and civility,  bi-partisanship, working together…I figured it was so the Democrat majority could intimidate the minority members.  Another rep I spoke with suggested that this seating plan would make it easier for the Speaker to call close voice votes however she felt like calling them.

I can’t speak to the latter but the harassment by Democrats has already begun.

Today’s Respect and Civility Award goes to David P. Miller D- Rochester.

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Proud of President Obama

For the first time in my life I am finally proud of President Obama!! 

President Obama stood up for the gay soldier who asked a question at the last Republican debate.  It is so rare that President Obama or any leftist shows respect or says anything positive about our soldiers, that we need to recognize and appreciate it when it happens.   

Yes, I would have been prouder of him if President Obama had actually defended our soldier from a real slander, derision, or attack.  For example, if someone had actually “boo’d” the soldier, then I would have been more proud of him.  Since President Obama presents a false picture suggesting that our soldier was “boo’d” when he wasn’t (it was the soldier‘s question that got a few “boo“s), that takes away from the recognition President Obama deserves.    

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