Blogline of the Day – Resolve vs Snotty

by Skip August 7, 2014

“His [Obama’s] greatest rhetorical skill turns out to be mockery. The man who once promised to transcend political divisions is an expert at the stinging partisan jab. What Churchill was to thundering statements of resolve, he is to snotty put-downs.” – Rich Lowry (syndicated columnist, National Review editor, TV pundit)  

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Don’t Mess With League City, Texas

by Susan Olsen February 27, 2013

Heidi Thiess, City Council Member in League City, Texas authored a resolution to to “protect and defend the constitutional right to keep and bear arms’.  It was introduced – and adopted – on February 12, 2013. In her public statement, she said “It is not about having a right to hunt or shoot skeet, it’s […]

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