NH Democrats ‘Grubering’ their supporters with lies about Bill O’Brien

by Kimberly Morin November 19, 2014

Yesterday the Republican Legislators in the New Hampshire House of Representatives elected their Speaker. The election was between former Speakers Bill O’Brien and Gene Chandler. Laurie Sanborn had also been in the race but dropped out due to family health issues. This was the race in which Senator Kelly Ayotte decided to (for the first time […]

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Scott Walker to Republicans – “Get Out There And Lead”

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2014
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c/o Legal Insurrection Watch the latest video at

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Republicans Take NH House?

by Steve MacDonald November 5, 2014
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It looks like the Republicans will take the NH House with a healthy margin. There are more than a few races not called that I can find on my own, and there will be recounts but the GOP has well over 200 seats based on late night numbers. I’m sure someone somewhere will correct me […]

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Merrimack NH – All Our House Seats Are Republican Again

by Steve MacDonald November 5, 2014
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We had one Democrat in the NH House from Merrimack, who managed to get in on Obama’s 2012 coat tails…or something.  This year she got smoked.  In fact, the entire Democrat ticket in Merrimack got smoked. Get rid of Union RINO Kathy Stroud in the primary- Check! Get rid of left-wing rubber-stamp Democrat Grady–Check! I […]

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Candidate Interviews – GrokTALK!

by Steve MacDonald November 3, 2014
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Sorry about the images of me…I’d just assume those did not show up when I embed iHeart audio, but there it is. What I’d like you to focus on is the candidates we talked to.  In the past few weeks we’ve had a lot of candidates telling us what needs doing in New Hampshire and […]

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GrokTALK! – The Politics of Access

by Steve MacDonald October 27, 2014
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Plenty of topics in segment one, as always, but you can’t run away from the theme; the folks who stand on principle are the bad guys while everyone else capitulates and tries to cover it up by claiming it’s bipartisan.  Should we pronounce it like Courtesans? Then there’s Jebola, this weeks Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, angry […]

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Lame questions, better answers

by Skip October 25, 2014

I guess Pindell is having an off week – scanning through his questions of the week, I was rather disappointed with the offerings.  Oh well, c’est la – go with what’s there, laying on the street. Will Republicans come home to Scott Brown in the final week or sit on their hands? Oh sure: Will […]

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Obamaween Scare Stories (Not For Kiddies)

by Mike October 21, 2014

Images from Townhall Cartoons, by: Nate Beeler Glenn McCoy Jerry Holbert Dana Summers Gary Varvel

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Republican House Gave CDC More Money Than Obama Requested

by Steve MacDonald October 14, 2014
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Atlanta Business Journal (The CDC is in Atlanta if you forgot) Jan 17th, 2014 ( That’s 9 months ago) CDC Wins Big Budget Deal The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will see an 8.2 percent budget increase for fiscal 2014, thanks to a $1.1 trillion spending bill announced by Congress Jan. 13. This influx […]

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Why Don’t Republicans Want President Obama To Be Killed?

by Steve MacDonald October 2, 2014
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Instapundit WELL, AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS OF BUSH ASSASSINATION-FANTASIES BY THE LEFT, YOU CAN SEE WHY THEY’D BE PUZZLED:New York Times: Say, Why Don’t Republicans Want President Obama To Be Killed?“Of course we want the president to be safe. Those who are surprised by this perhaps need to spend some more time with their ideological […]

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With Republicans Like These…

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2014
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Back in July we were warning people about the influences of (so-called Republican) Bill Greiner (with much respect and admiration to the years of similar warnings that preceded ours). There are plenty of stories about Bill using his money and political influence to undermine Republicans for office in Bedford or elsewhere, so no one should […]

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Understanding Who You Just Voted For To Represent NH In the US Senate

by Steve MacDonald September 10, 2014
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New Hampshire Republican Patriots fans…how would you feel if Tom Brady spent 39 minutes of every 60 minute contest suited up and under center for the other team? Would you expect more fans to tune in to watch that, or fewer?   Game over?

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Let’s pile on, shall we – Part II

by Skip August 27, 2014

This from Erik Erikson at RedState – more indication that the Republican Wave may turn out to be a drip (reformatting (some) and emphasis mine): Throughout primary season, the National Republican Senatorial Committee in alliance with groups like the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Partnership have treated the Republican base as their enemy. Running […]

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Incessant Cries for Unity

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2014
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Jen Kuznizki (conservative writer) would fit in just fine around here… I’m mindful that the Democrat Party is really, really awful.  They try to get elected by saying their Republican opponent will take away the poor’s welfare and they’re a bunch of racist bigots.  But then, the Barbours in Mississippi on behalf of Thad Cochran […]

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Notable Quote – Senator Ted Cruz

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2014
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Of all the places I never thought to be mentioned, HBO’s True Blood vampire show would have to be near the top of the list. Sunday night, they aired a misogynist and profanity-ridden episode where Texas Republicans are murdered attending a “Ted Cruz fundraiser. Well, I’m sorry to have lost the vampire vote, but am […]

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Democrats take care of their base; Republicans attack theirs

by Skip July 20, 2014

El Rushbo brings up the differences on how the Democrats take care of their base vs how the Republicans treat theirs: (H/T: Breitbart-TV)      

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A Unified Party? For what – the same bogus line that Scott Brown fed Massachusetts voters?

by Kimberly Morin July 7, 2014

The Scott Brown campaign released a video today talking about ‘Unity’ of the Party and how he’ll be an ‘Independent Voice’ for New Hampshire.  Really?  Like he was an Independent voice in Massachusetts when he voted with Obama and Democrats (and AGAINST his constituents) more often than not?  Like when he voted for Dodd-Frank, crafted […]

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Data Point – Republican Kelly Ayotte, this Amnesty chart is for you

by Skip June 15, 2014

My US Senator, Kelly Ayotte, campaigned hard against granting Amnesty to illegal aliens – a stance that sits very well with the base here in NH.  Now, 4 years into her term, she has gone hard Left on the issue – Amnesty is GREAT for Republicans!  If the debacle of Eric Cantor primary loss, in […]

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The Heritage Action Scorecard vs. New Hampshire “Republicans”

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2014
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The Heritage Action Scorecard is an excellent resource for measuring whether or not someone who is elected as a Republican is actually voting like one. It measures action against conservative principles to give a more realistic picture of a politician’s national platform mettle. Eric Cantor, for example–he who was just exorcised from congress by the […]

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Bob Odell endorses Scott Brown – Does anyone care?

by Kimberly Morin June 7, 2014

The Scott Brown campaign sent out an announcement that retiring Republican Bob Odell endorsed him today.  Does anyone actually care?  Bob Odell is the squishy Republican from District 8 in New Hampshire that voted for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (which will bankrupt New Hampshire) and who is pushing banking lobbyist Jerry Little (a guy who is […]

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GrokBite: Guess that “Republicans bad” meme is now history

by Skip June 6, 2014

Steve’s post about California State Government making its foray into college aged kids bedroom via CA SB 967 (State Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), would mandate that college students obtain “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.”): And one need only look at the source […]

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Ad Campaign Targets NH State Senate Republicans

by Steve MacDonald May 13, 2014
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Citizens for a Strong NH is releasing a series of Radio ads directed at NH State Senate Republicans. “Senators Jeb Bradley, David Boutin, and Nancy Stiles have consistently tried to pull the wool over their constituents’ eyes. They pretend to be conservative, but they have voted like liberal Democrats on important issues such as Obamacare’s […]

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Only the RIGHT has Yahoos….so says ABC’s “This Week with Geoge Stephanopolous”

by Skip March 23, 2014

The discussion was about the US Senate elections coming up later on this year and whether or not control would shift to to the Republicans… Sidenote: and Nate Silver of is now saying that is a 60% chance that will happen; I’m unsure of that percentage but probably good with his assessment that even […]

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Meanwhile, In New Hampshire, We’re Growing Government And Raising Taxes

by Steve MacDonald March 21, 2014
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You could do a lot of good with a growing economy that results in a state with a nearly Billion Dollar Surplus.  Meanwhile, here in New Hampshire, Democrats are already spending that Medicaid Money and looking for new taxes. Limbaugh cited an Associated Press report run Wednesday on page A14 of the New York Times […]

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Pro-Rape Democrats And Their Republican Abettors – (See also SB 244)

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2014
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Women who carry firearms and are encouraged to learn how to use them have a significant advantage over those who have been disarmed by pro-rape Democrats and their Republican abettors.   Weight, strength, even numbers are no guarantee that a woman is an easy target for sexual assault.   She is no longer just another victim. I […]

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“Shhh….be quiet…..don’t make waves……go with the flow…”

by Skip March 17, 2014

“…and then you might have a chance to do something”.  That was the advice by an NH House Rep from my town (whose name now escapes me) I was given when I first became politically active with the upshot of that being that IF you sit and learn, and IF you sit and shut up […]

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I’ve seen this movie before…Pass Amnesty or Obama will do it anyways

by Skip March 14, 2014

That would be Blazing Saddles (1974), one of the funniest movies of all times (and due to its Political Incorrectness, could never be made today).  And what US Senator Chuckie Schumer said to Republicans was effectively what Cleavon Little did as Sheriff Bart; when threatened to be killed by others, Bart took his own pistol […]

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GrokTALK! March 1, 2014 With Jenn Coffey on The Medicaid Trap & The ObamaCare Trap

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! March 1, 2014 With Jenn Coffey on The Medicaid Trap & The ObamaCare Trap

Jenn Coffey joins us in segment three to talk about more issues with expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire. We talk about the importance of not depending on federal dollars that can and do get cut and how no lessons appear to have been learned from special Ed dollars that ended up being a fraction of […]

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The Failure of Veteran Senate Republicans

by Tom March 4, 2014

I’m wondering why some of our veteran Senate Republicans are jumping on the easy track to fixing the so-called Medicaid expansion “problem”. Republicans are supposed to lean toward market based, economic oriented solutions and away from entitlement-based fixes, which ultimately our grandchildren, not us, nor the aging Republican Senators (who feel the need to “do something“), will pay for. […]

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RLCNH Pledge to Stop Obamacare in New Hampshire

by Tom February 27, 2014

  The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire (practically the only NH Republican caucus worth paying attention to), has put together a pledge, for candidates and officer-holders, to declare their commitment to helping stop Obamacare, a “gateway drug to socialism in the Granite State“, in New Hampshire, which could also mean an income tax for us […]

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