Notable Quote – Keith Hanson

by Skip May 11, 2018

Republicans may hold office, but Democrats hold the power. Republicans, despite holding the majority, continue to defer to Democrats (seemingly out of decency) when they should utilize the majority to their advantage, the exact same way that Democrats would if the majority were in their favor. -Keith Hanson, radio talk show host and activist. My […]

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Sorry NH Women but some Republican Men say ‘F**K Your Feelings’

by Kimberly Morin May 6, 2018

Last week Republican MEN decided to pass House Bill 1319 (HB 1319) aka the Gender Identity bill in order to allow biological men who ‘feel’ like women to gain access to women-only sex-segregated spaces. Apparently, the feelings of these biological men are far more important than the women whose spaces they will be allowed to […]

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Healthcare In New Hampshire: A Brief History

by Op-Ed May 3, 2018

By Aaron Day Today the Republicans lead the charge to re-authorize Obamacare Medicaid expansion. The budget for New Hampshire for the past 27 years is built on a funding mechanism that borrows billions from children and ignores making real structural changes. Our healthcare system would be better and less expensive if we didn’t rely on […]

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HB628 Was Never About Creating a Family Medical Leave Insurance Program.

by Steve MacDonald April 22, 2018

Since late 2017, leading up to today, we’ve written or shared at least twenty-three articles opposing HB628, the so-called Family Medical Leave Act. This makes (at least) twenty-four. Why so many? Until very recently neither the governor nor Republican Majority leadership had made a noise that wasn’t fawning. And while a recent joint committee vote […]

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Sununu: Can’t Support HB628 (Family Medical Leave Bill) “As Written” – But I Want More

by Steve MacDonald April 17, 2018

Governor Chris Sununu has informed the State Senate Finance Committee looking at HB628 that as written he won’t support it. “I cannot support HB 628 until a comprehensive actuarial analysis is conducted,” … That’s not a rejection of the idea of a state mandate but niggling over details. A point he affirms later in the […]

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Even the Republicans are LYING about the Paid Family Medical Leave (HB628)

by Skip March 31, 2018

In addition to checking the verbiage of a new bill, always check the “Fiscal Note” part of the analysis – how much is this going to cost tax payers. I long ago posted what the Medicaid Expansion was eventually going to cost us as Obamacare is wound down. And now, the NH GOP elected officials […]

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Dems on The Wrong Side Again But The Appearance Of Action Makes Them Look Right

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2018

Parkland is moving Democrat legislators and the media, but as I pointed out here yesterday, I think progressive-ghetto tunnel-vision has catalyzed the inside of a very small bubble. I think the left is really overreaching on Parkland and the media is making them arrogant. They are going to keep at it the way the kept […]

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I keep expecting more from DC Republicans – but they suck anyways.

by Skip March 25, 2018

That’s what swamp creatures do.  And this time, Trump jumped in.  From the Union Leader: The bill abandons GOP claims of fiscal discipline in a stark reversal of the promises many Republicans ran on in capturing control of the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 as they railed against what they described as […]

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The Horrifying ‘Heroes’ of the Portsmouth Gun Control Rally Organizers

by Kimberly Morin March 25, 2018

Yesterday, during the Portsmouth gun control rally, The Resistance Seacoast handed out leaflets listing a slew of pro-gun control legislators. The list is a horrifying compilation of some of the most disturbing individuals who have or do sit in the New Hampshire State House today.

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NH Dems use Drama to Push ANTI-School Safety Gun Control

by Kimberly Morin March 22, 2018

Yesterday, in typical uninformed and ignorant Democrat fashion, Anti-school safety New Hampshire Senate Democrats tried to push a draconian gun control amendment that would have left students more unprotected than they are now all while turning law-abiding citizens into criminals. They did it as if they were a high school drama club rather than adults […]

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Republicans Push to Protect NH Girls and Women from ‘Female Genital Mutilation’

by Kimberly Morin March 21, 2018

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on House Bill 1739 (HB 1739), AN ACT prohibiting female genital mutilation.  The hearing was led by testimony from the bill’s main sponsor, Representative Victoria Sullivan (R-Manchester). Sullivan spoke about the barbaric practice and explained that female genital mutilation (FGM) is not a religious-based practice […]

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The Democrats are driving their baying hounds to the polls while the GOP sits back and says, Tax Reform

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2018

Kurt Schlichter has a new piece at Townhall titled, “The Joy and Necessity of Driving Liberals Nuts,” which is not at all unlike what we do around here. With pleasure, I might add. But is that all this is? Is our movement simply about slamming the people we’re annoyed at and nothing more? Of course […]

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Maybe That Texas “Wave” Meant, Bye, Bye

by Ed Naile March 8, 2018

Leftist groups had the media and pollsters showing a huge Democrat, and whoever else they let vote, turnout in Texas. The hype, as usual, was that Texas is finally going to turn left and vote for socialism. But that isn’t what happened. The Democrats spent like crazy, hyped like crazy, acted crazy, and still they […]

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NH House Votes to End Sex-Based Legal Protections for Women

by Kimberly Morin March 7, 2018

Today, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. The legislation was pushed based on the absolute lie that trans people don’t have the same protections against discrimination as everyone else in the state. The out-of-state organization who pushed this legislation, […]

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Part 1 follow up – Cornerstone: On House Passage of Gender-Bender Bills – HB 1319

by Skip March 7, 2018

I’m following up on the Op-Ed by Cornerstone post with the actual votes by Republicans.  Here are the Republicans that voted for “prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity” and have, with their vote, helped to solidify and codify the Progressive Identity Politics group – another nail in the coffin of E Pluribus Unum or, if you […]

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[Update] Free Market At Work: Store in Derry, NH Won’t Serve Republicans…[We we’re hacked!]

by Steve MacDonald February 28, 2018

I love it when liberals embrace the power and risk of private business ownership. The Used Apple Store posted to its Facebook page on Monday that the company will refuse services to those affiliated with the Republican party. How can they tell which customers are Republican? Well, they just know, store owner Billy Williams told NH1 […]

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Is Gov. Sununu Going To Break His No Tax Pledge and Destroy the New Hampshire Advantage?

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2018

The Family Medical Leave Insurance bill (HB628) making it’s way through the New Hampshire House has a great many things wrong with it, not the least of which is that it not only taxes individual income, a division of state government we’ll never be able to opt out of has to be created to collect the […]

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These 21 New Hampshire House Republicans Don’t Just Want an Income Tax, They Saved It.

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2018

The Commerce Committee report on HB 628 was inexpedient to Legislate. Kill the bill, they said. We don’t want to add dozens of bureaucrats and a mechanism to tax income in New Hampshire. But the 21 Republicans pictured above voted against the committee report. They saved the Income-tax built into the legislation. Without their “support” this […]

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The FBI will survive despite its leadership

by Peter Lemiska February 6, 2018

While the recent release of the controversial FISA memo has shed more light on the genesis of the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign, it has unleashed a firestorm. The battle lines have been drawn. On one side are the Republicans. They point to clear political bias by senior FBI investigators and indisputable irregularities in […]

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When Are They No Longer Republicans?

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2018

The Republican party in New Hampshire has a problem about which its hands are tied, but you can help. Within its ranks are individuals who have registered and run under their brand but either refuse or are incapable of living up to the ideals. On issues of free association, life, speech, taxes, elections, transparency, regulation, and […]

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Reminder: These New Hampshire House Republicans Voted for An Income Tax

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2018

HB 628 (An Act that would institute a New Hampshire Income tax) passed the NH House 183 to 151 on January 9th, 2017. The bill has another hearing this week followed by another vote. Here is a reminder about the 33 Republicans whose vote for an Income Tax in New Hampshire are the only reason it is […]

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NH Democrats: School Choice is Only for Children who can Afford it

by Kimberly Morin January 4, 2018

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to pass Senate Bill 193 (SB 193), AN ACT establishing education freedom savings accounts for students. The goal of the bill is to allow parents, who choose to set up an Education Freedom Savings Account (ESA), to receive a small portion of the taxpayer dollars they are […]

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New Year’s Resolution for NH Politicians – Stop Lying to Voters

by Kimberly Morin January 1, 2018

January 1st is usually a day of reflection for many people over the previous year. It’s also a day where people create New Year’s Resolutions to make some sort of change in the new year. Political Buzz decided it might be a good time to create a New Year’s Resolution for politicians in New Hampshire, […]

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Data Point – this is what happens when DC Republicans can’t/won’t do diddly squat

by Skip December 19, 2017

Sad, very sad and they’ve done it to themselves by looking like a bunch of crazed in-fighting Keystone Kops that can’t shoot vote straight: Dreary doesn’t begin to cover it and I do believe this is a case of “Read my lips…” coming home to haunt the current crop of Stupid Partiers that didn’t do […]

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Steve Bannon on Russia, Republicans, and Collusion

by Steve MacDonald November 13, 2017

Steve Bannon puts the collusion with Russia story in its proper and humorous context in this 45 second sound bite. (We’ve got the full audio and a complete video of the speech.) Find more audio from on any of these platforms Also Available on Google Play

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So he works simply to pay his Obamacare bill? A “Have” paying for the “Have-Nots”.

by Skip November 8, 2017

Stated another way, that’s $34,200 per year. UPDATE: I was at a meeting in Manchester and ran into a old friend of the ‘Grok and without prompting, he brought up that his Obamacare plan, bought on the exchange, is mirroring my aquaintance’s below: it has just from about $1,000/month for his family to over $2,000 / […]

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Amherst College Republicans taunted with ‘KKK’ flyers

by Steve MacDonald September 11, 2017

If there was ever such a thing as a hate crime could this be that? The first Amherst College Republicans meeting of the year was targeted by flyers taped to the windows of the meeting space saying, “THIS IS OUR CAMPUS, NOT THE KLAN’S.” The group claims on its Facebook page that “while the flyers are related […]

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Blogline of the Day – Really, is anyone really surprised The Dealer worked with the Dems?

by Skip September 7, 2017

… …It’s over. The election is finally over. Democrats finally have accepted the results. Trump saw this, and cashed in on Wednesday. He is playing the Democratic Party leadership against the Republican Party leadership that for nine months have blown him off. Indeed – what has the Congressional leadership done with Trump? Gorsuch and a […]

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“No Party Can Remain In Power By Lying To The American People”

by Skip July 29, 2017

That’s from US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  I’d like to believe that it’s true, that the Republicans would get tossed out of power like a pit bull throws around a rag doll.  But we’ve seen the result of that before when the Dems took control mid-last decade – due to the fecklessness of the Republicans […]

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The vitriolic hatred from NH Democrats MUST END before someone gets hurt

by Kimberly Morin June 17, 2017

Last week, a man from Illinois opened fire on Republicans practicing for a bi-partisan charity baseball game in Virginia. The man was obsessed with his hatred for Republicans, the wealthy and Trump all while professing his adoration for Bernie Sanders. The man had decided back in March that “Trump and Company must be destroyed.” The […]

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