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NH GOP Anticipation that a Republican Wave is not going to happen? Their command: YOU MUST VOTE!

by Skip September 1, 2014

I’ve been saying it for a while now – no way that I’m betting that 2014 is going to replicate 2010 and a large reason why is, IMHO, that the Establishment Republicans joined with the Democrats in excoriating the TEA Party / Libertarian wing of the Party.  That would be the same people that dragged a […]

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Limited Government, State sovereignty, lower spending, lower taxes, self-responsibility, Welfare State….

by Skip February 6, 2014

Jr. Partners of the Democrats.  Lesser Keepers of the Welfare State.  Politics over Principles.  “Looking out for our Own Political Asses since we lost our way back in 2000’s”.  And with the news of the tremendous expansion of the Welfare State by Chuck Morse with Democrat leader Larson, what are we in the grassroots to […]

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Er, no.

by Skip September 16, 2013

A non-starter, or should be, for anyone who actually thinks that there really is a purpose to the NH GOP Platform (and by-laws) as opposed to the Gene Chandler Theorem of Being a Republican (“Any Republican that helps us regain power is a good Republican“).  From DiStaso today – what does Brad Cook believe (potential […]

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THANK YOU, Senators Lee, Paul, and Cruz!

by Skip April 29, 2013

It’s about freaking time SOMEBODY forced other Republicans, you know, to have to rely on Principles! Once again, the political symptom is gun control and the filibuster but the Republican disease is   Heh!: Texas senator Ted Cruz on Friday indicated that the battle among GOP Senators over gun control was so fierce that, at […]

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Facebook Doodlings – So, Greg Carson, Secretary of the NH GOP is demanding “unity” – Part I?

by Skip November 19, 2012

And yes, once again, I decide to weigh in.  His opening remark – well, I can’t quote it from FB because he decided to take himself out of the thread and erased all traces of himself, but it started with someone asking the simple question of “Who for Republican Minority Leader in the NH House?”. […]

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We let Democrats define the terms of our defeat

by Carolyn November 13, 2012

When Democrats set the terms of the 2012 campaign for state and federal offices, Republican leaders blew their horns about jobs and the economy and counted on their position of strength and the glaring weaknesses in their enemy’s lines to secure victory. Republicans lost because they forgot to tell the troops about the Democratic weaknesses. […]

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GrokTV: Jane Cormier, Candidate for NH House – Questions 5 & 6

by Skip August 1, 2012

# 5: Where on the Political Spectrum are you? #6: Proper Role of Government – Your outlook? Labels, while not always completely describing who what is in politics, can generally give others a good idea of where one stands on the issues.  For instance, Democrats generally spend more and are more liberal than Republicans, who […]

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