Rep Mike Pompeo

Changing The World One Tantrum At A Time

by Ed Naile April 12, 2018

Hillary Clinton’s “Temper Tantrum Team” showed up in farce at the confirmation hearing today for soon to be Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. A professional protester, Ann Wright, got herself arrested – right on queue: Ms. Wright is a protégé of past professional protester, Cindy Sheehan. Where has Cindy gone?? Is she still outside the […]

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Hey Baucus No Running from YOUR Train Wreck!

by Scott Morales April 18, 2013

How convenient to awaken in the bar car, stinking of gin, cigars, and $30.00 hookers, and then slither off, shower, shave, and return just in time to shame those still hunkered down in wrinkled suits, shriveled ties and soiled pride. Well, that’s what Sen. Max “More coal man! We need to get this rattler up […]

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