Rep. Cynthia Chase

Don’t pay your taxes – you can’t be part of Our Collective

by Skip March 25, 2013

If it was only that easy to get around these Freedom crushers!  Once in a while, I am directed to a site that is definitely NOT Right-of-Center and this time the tipster sent me to Miscellany: Blue, a rather progressive site.  The occasion was an interview done by Dave Ridley with Progressive NH State House […]

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Taxpayers Are Boring

by Rick Olson March 10, 2013

  Representative Cynthia Chase (D) Cheshire Dist. 8 Keene ponders the bill seeking to increase the taxes on gasoline her constituents will pay has obviously decided her vote and deliberates and ponders further over a game of Solitaire on her iPad.

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Rep. Cynthia Chase, please call your therapist.

by Tim Condon January 14, 2013

You’ll need it when you see this great article in Forbes magazine about Freestater real estate agent and NH State Rep. Mark Warden. Heh!   :——)   <—Republican elephant smiley face with a long trunk.

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The Union Leader on Democrat Rep. Cynthia Chase: “Dictatorial impulses.”

by Tim Condon January 13, 2013

They can say that again. Democrat Rep Cynthia Chase told us recently that the “Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today.” Her solution? Pass laws…

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Cynthia Chase Moved Here From Rhode Island – Recently

by Steve MacDonald January 5, 2013

New Hampshire Democrat Cynthia Chase (Cheshire Dist 8) is getting a lot of press.  Her comments have gone viral.  While I’m happy to have played my small part, the benefits go a lot further; people are searching the original story, landing on FreeKeene,, coming across Dr. Tom Woods original report, even cruising over to […]

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This is what the prejudice and bigotry of a Democrat State Rep. can lead to:

by Tim Condon January 5, 2013

A possible threat to incite violence against an unfavored minority. Here’s the story:   Democrat State Rep. Cynthia Chase of Keene has recently displayed an alarming attitude of bigotry and prejudice against libertarians and conservatives who make up the Free State Project movement. Her comments have gone viral, and are being reported today in the […]

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