Renewable Energy

Data Point – about all that talk about the rise of renewable power sources?

by Skip December 18, 2013

All those assertions that renewables are expanding at 100%, 200%, x%?  Yeah, its possible when you start pretty much at zero: In other words, the Energy Department’s not expecting a lot of progress for renewable energies as a fuel source for America, even after almost 100 years of efforts from politicians like Obama and billions […]

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Data Point – the cost of Renewable Energy

by Skip July 30, 2013

An abstraction from the Wall Street Journal (via Junk Science): Wind and solar make up 3.5% of America’s electrical generation Denmark gets 30% of its electrical generation from wind Germany gets 12% of its electrical generation from wind and solar Germany has used used $250 Billion to deploy to 12% By 2020: Denmark wishes to […]

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HB580 – Moratorium on Windmills

by Skip February 18, 2013

I went up to Skip’s Gun shop on Saturday to conduct some business and as always, Skip and I spent a few moments talking politics and he mentioned that a bill that he is the prime sponsor on is coming up for hearing tomorrow.  This normally would be taking place in one of the usual […]

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