Redress of grievances

All we heard was “gay marriage was settled law – leave it alone!!!”

by Skip December 20, 2012

Settled Law.  Once again, we see that “settled law” is only for Statist legislature results and not Republican laws. Yep, that was the mantra of the Democrats who rightly feared that the Republican majority would reverse the law.  We read “Move on!”, “you campaigned on economic not social issues”, “why do you want to hurt […]

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Redress of Grievances

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2010

Skip wrote a post here rearding Obama’s ‘Kick Ass’ moment.  As I began typing my ‘comment’ it began to grow into something to long for the format.  So here it is. I’d sum it up (Obama’s attitude problem as Skip presents it) as an inversion of the first amendment right to redress of grievances.  Obama feels […]

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