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Red Box Review: Divergent

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2014
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Before I get all political, let me say that I enjoyed the movie, Divergent.  I liked the characters, and took an interest in their circumstances, even though I had a hard time suspending disbelief with regard to the world they live in. Divergent is set in a classic post-apocalyptic progressive utopian society.  Human natures and […]

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Red Box Review: Battleship

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2013

Let’s keep it simple.  Battleship is only good when there are ships and there is a battle.  So skip to just before the combat begins, anything that happened in the first 30-40 minutes or so you can work out for yourself by the end, and the battle sequences are a lot of fun to watch.  […]

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Red Box Review: PROMETHEUS

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2012

Prometheus is Ridely Scott’s ostentatious pre-boot prequel of the Alien franchise and if you had $1.20 and were not sure whether to buy 0.32 gallons of gas, one-third of a box of cereal, 0.15 pounds of steak, pay full price for a compilation of every Pauly Shore movie ever made (weasel!), or to rent Prometheus…Prometheus […]

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Red Box Review – The Darkest Hour

by Steve MacDonald June 27, 2012

Steve Casting with a Twist.  The culture is always fodder and all politics all the time makes Johnny chop a hole in the bathroom door with an axe.   So here’s a different flavor of Audio Pod-casting juice for your thirsty ears.  A Red Box movie review: The Darkest Hour. Notes: Thanks for your continued […]

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