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2016 Presidential Primary – Rand Paul to announce April 7th

by Skip March 24, 2015

OK, last night I had a complete case of writer’s block.  I couldn’t type a period – sad, sad.  So this is a bit of late news: Next week, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is expected to kick off his own announcement with a five-state tour. More from the Washington Times: Rand Paul will formally declare his […]

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Rand Paul at Generation Opportunity / NH: First Executive Order? Revoke the previous 8 years worth

by Skip September 12, 2014

Well, that would be a good start.  In fact, it shouldn’t even be controversial – this should be a given for pretty much the Republican President next elected in 2016 given how much Obama has pushed the boundaries of Executive Imperialship (putting both Bush II and Nixon to shame).  Roll it back should be heard […]

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Notable Quote: Peter Hitchens On The
Westminster Washington ‘Aquarium’

by Mike April 1, 2014

Going beyond the concept of the ‘Beltway Bubble’, Peter Hitchens likens the denizens of the deep politics of the capital city, to inhabitants of a murky aquarium, peering out at the real world, but totally failing to grasp it. Peter Hitchens (Who was referring to Westminster, London): If you want to know what’s going on […]

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Rand Paul Tweets As Obama Meets…The Pope

by Steve MacDonald March 27, 2014
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  . @BarackObama to @Pontifex: Forgive me father for I have spied. #NSA — Senator Rand Paul (@SenRandPaul) March 27, 2014

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GrokTALK! March 8th, 2014 – L & F Red Meat, The Republican Repair Kit, And Progressive Hate

by Steve MacDonald March 10, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! March 8th, 2014 – L & F Red Meat, The Republican Repair Kit, And Progressive Hate

Pam Tucker joins us as co-host as talk about the passion for liberty on display at CPAC, a much-needed “saleable’ version of the ‘Republican Repair Kit,’ progressive hate for individualism, the shadow BradleyCare casts over the New Hampshire advantage, Progressive government as the Democrats bag man, and more… Listen to Segment One Here Listen or […]

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Rand Paul – CPAC 2014

by Steve MacDonald March 7, 2014
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Maybe Obama Thought ‘1984’ Was A Manual?

by Mike December 21, 2013

More humor at the speed of Tweet from Twitchy.com @SenRandPaul: I guess this (photo) is possible…. @MichelSeiki: Maybe he thought it was a manual… I’d add: We know for sure that Obama thinks some animals are more equal than others, IE his cronies vs We The People!

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Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip August 4, 2013

On the on-going fight between Chris Christie and Rand Paul as a proxy for the widening rift between the Establishment Republicans and the more independent grassroots on Libertarianism in the Republican Party: “Let’s be clear what libertarianism is and what it isn’t: it is not anarchism, it has a role for government,” he said. “What […]

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Disqus Doodlings: Ol’ Spudhead vs Big Ben (And Rand Paul)

by Mike June 10, 2013

ConservativeByte.com quoted Senator John McCain as saying that the Boston Bombing proves that Rand Paul was wrong, and we need all the protection of the Patriot Act and the surveillance state to keep us safe. Many readers disagreed with his premise, some vociferously, and I added my own mini-rant, in which I posited: We need […]

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Rand Paul Lays Out A New Republican Agenda

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2013


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Dispatch Notes from the NH GOP Liberty Dinner – Updated – Video

by Mike May 21, 2013

Full house. Actually oversold. The bad news is that the Chairman and Executive Director could not say no to latecomers, causing some contention for space and seating – the good news is almost all of 500 attendees paid.

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The utter corruption of Congress challenged…

by Tim Condon May 16, 2013

…by the simple courage and honesty of one man, Dr. Rand Paul:

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THANK YOU, Senators Lee, Paul, and Cruz!

by Skip April 29, 2013

It’s about freaking time SOMEBODY forced other Republicans, you know, to have to rely on Principles! Once again, the political symptom is gun control and the filibuster but the Republican disease is   Heh!: Texas senator Ted Cruz on Friday indicated that the battle among GOP Senators over gun control was so fierce that, at […]

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by Susan Olsen April 12, 2013

H/T JR Hoell

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A warning to the GOP….Grow or Die

by Tom March 17, 2013

NRA President, David Keene, hits the nail square on the head when he says that the Republican Party MUST change, if it plans to survive. He calls Rand Paul a “hero to grassroots Republicans” and John McCain an “aging former Presidential candidate of the old establishment”. Are you listening, Senator Ayotte?  You should (you were […]

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Rand Paul at CPAC

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2013

On a short leash today so we’ll leave the exposition for later…

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Hypocrisy…the Duality in ‘Americur

by Tom March 10, 2013

Drones in the Middle East, drones on American soil, Libya coup d’etat support, Egypt insurgency weapons support, Syria coup support. Sounds like the first term of Mephistopheles himself (Dick Cheney), right? The American Left has no soul.  Period.  Watching some of the reaction to Rand Paul’s filibuster last week, it is now perfectly clear that […]

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Rand Paul as Shakespeare’s “Henry V”!

by Tim Condon March 10, 2013

Chris Muir in Day By Day Cartoons, nails the Rand Paul filibuster spot-on:

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Filibuster – Are you really a Drama Queen when it’s for the right reason?

by Skip March 9, 2013

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Rand Paul in yesterday’s Washington Post:

by Tim Condon March 9, 2013

At “Sen. Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning,” he describes the filibuster and why he did it. As usual, the comments shed as much light as the column itself, the number of which has just gone over 3,000 and is steadily climbing. They are fascinating (especially in view of the fact that so many are unconcerned […]

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“No President has the right to say that he is Judge, Jury, and Executioner”

by Skip March 8, 2013

Obama: I am not a dictator (er, why did he have to say that?) “so much easier to be the president of China“ The meme on the Right is that he does wish that there were no checks and balances holding him back – an absolute unitary President with no co-equal branches of government that […]

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New John McCain Poster

by Steve MacDonald March 8, 2013
Get off my lawn

Via Jon Gabriel on Twitter.

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As Glenn Reynolds says, ‘Heh’

by Susan Olsen March 8, 2013

Via Instapundit: “This is probably why John McCain and Lindsay Graham have their panties in a wad: Rand Paul filibuster energizes Tea Party against GOP establishment.” Meanwhile, seen on Facebook:

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About that filibuster by Rand Paul about drone strikes to kill Americans in America….

by Tim Condon March 7, 2013

Remember all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth by the regressives on the political Left about waterboarding (something, by the way, that is done to certain military men as part of their training, not to mention CIA agents)? Awful, awful, awful! Torture, torture, torture! Barbarian, barbarian, barbarian (that’s enough of that)! But wait! […]

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Drone Hypocrisy?

by Tom March 7, 2013

Sitting here, watching the 13th hour of Rand Paul’s Senate filibuster, I see a lot of angst on Twitter about Senator Kelly Ayotte’s conspicuous absence from the #StandWithRand party in the US Capitol. Now, I wasn’t able to watch the entire event, so I am not sure if Kelly showed up earlier to add her […]

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Rand Paul’s Response to Obama’s State of The Union Address

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2013

Yes, I have always liked Rand Paul, in case you were curious, and he is my kind of Republican…so in keeping with that, here you go; Rand Paul’s response c/o the Tea Party (though not necessarily as the Tea Party) to El Presidente’ Obama’s State of Delusion the Union Speech.

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James Pindell interviews Senator Rand Paul

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2013

Back on February 5th James Pindell interviewed Senator Rand Paul on the WGIR morning show.  Foreign Policy, Immigration, Right to Work, and more… If you missed it, well–here it is. (Audio) [jwplayer mediaid=”47238″]

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Rand Paul Speaks at Heritage on Containment

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

Senator Paul speaks to the issue of Radical Islam and American engagement; No to isolationism, no to neoconservatism, yes to containment. He’s spot on though I’d be interested in hearing his opinion about the costs Reagan embraced to expand the military as part of the Reagan foreign policy he otherwise seems to approve of in […]

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Presidential Primary 2016 – well, after all, it HAS already started

by Skip January 15, 2013

“I’m against having a King” And of course, one of the big questions is “like father like son?”  Certainly among the candidates that are being mentioned is Rand Paul. Here he is on gun control and Obama’s threat to use Executive Orders against the Second Amendment: ”I think having a monarch is what we fought […]

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Rand Paul on taxes, government, and freedom

by Tim Condon December 13, 2012

From a recent column in The Wall Street Journal by Senator Paul: There is an implication, he observes, “that raising taxes—that is, extracting and confiscating more income from workers and businesses—is harmful to the economy. I am easily persuaded of this truism. As Milton Friedman said, nobody spends someone else’s money as frugally or as […]

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