O’s Legacy Funnies

by Scott Morales November 14, 2016

Check out michaelpramirez.com for more.  The guy is insightfully funny!  

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Another Thin-Skinned, Egotistical, Autocrat?

by Mike February 2, 2016

Michael Ramirez nails the concern some of us have over a Trump presidency. We salute the way Trump has smashed the Overton Window of permissible discourse, but we’re afraid he’ll just be an Obama of a different color!

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It’s A Spine, Mr Boehner

by Mike January 7, 2015

In spite of Boehner’s failures to stand up to Obama’s agenda, all but a brave 25 supported him for Speaker yesterday. The base is disgusted – perhaps we should encourage all of them to send our “Republican Repair Kit” to Boehner? Here are the names of the few, the brave who voted “NO”: 1. Rep. […]

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Ramirez Skewers GOP Leadership: “They Might Blame Us”

by Mike November 23, 2014
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We The Subjects

by Susan Olsen November 22, 2014

The ever on-point Michael Ramirez, IBD.  

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Obama – Junior Partner in Evil

by Mike August 23, 2014
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CBS Loses Its C-redibility

by Mike March 15, 2014

Without Sharyl Atkinson, CBS loses its last shred of credibility, and becomes pure BS:

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Look Out Below! Democrat Liars Of A Feather

by Mike March 10, 2014
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More Sequestration Fun…with Michael Ramirez

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2013

A picture is worth 85 billion words

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A Weapon Guide for the Uninformed, Happy Gun Appreciation Day!

by Scott Morales January 19, 2013

  (h/t NRO Cartoon of the Day)  

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Obama – sure he’s all about small business

by Skip January 28, 2012

There’s plenty more where that comes from, right? (H/T: Powerline)

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Cartoon of the day 5-16-11

by Steve MacDonald May 16, 2011

Sacred Cow

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