Is Senator David Pierce “Suitable”?

by Susan Olsen March 27, 2016

The people of this country have shown they are fed up, they’ve had enough of politicians’ lies and deceitful ways.  But never has a NH politician shown just how bad it is before Senator David Pierce entered the competition to become the nation’s worst offender. Senate Bill 336 is a piece of legislation written to […]

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NH Democrats double down on state-sanctioned racism and discrimination

by Kimberly Morin March 25, 2016

Yesterday New Hampshire Senate Democrats decided to own racism, discrimination and gender bias. They voted against an amendment to Senate Bill 336 that would end over 90 years of state-sanctioned racism and discrimination. Rather than end these practices they decided to double down on them by voting for another amendment presented by Senator David Pierce […]

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And Kelly Ayotte was one of the few Repubs to just vote this Obama judge to the bench?

by Skip January 20, 2016

Preamble to the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Happiness was originally was Property; the NH Constitution says it more clearly: [Art.] 2. […]

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House Democrats keep Racism and Discrimination ALIVE in New Hampshire

by Kimberly Morin January 7, 2016

Yesterday was the vote on House Bill 582 which would end almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination against Granite Staters. Of course, the majority of Democrats voted against the measure. The party that claims to be for women’s rights, minority rights and gay rights voted to continue allowing the state to discriminate against each of […]

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Ted Cruz Responds to WaPo Cartoon

by Steve MacDonald December 25, 2015
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You’ve probably heard the one about the major American Newspaper that published a cartoon of Senator Ted Cruz’ daughters. The Washington Post depicted his Hispanic children as monkeys. Do that with Obama’s daughters and see what happens to you. Anyway, Ted and his campaign has a cartoon idea of their own.

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Obama’s Trojan Horse?

by Steve MacDonald November 23, 2015
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Farrakhan Calls For Murder of 10,000 Whites, Marine Responds…

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2015
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Mike Shepard | Dc Gazette Mr. Farrakhan I am a former Marine who now writes for the DC Gazette. Many know me as Mike Shepard and my friends call me Shep. You call yourself a leader, but leaders will never ask anyone to do what they are not willing to do themselves. You have asked for […]

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by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2015

To progressives not all black lives matter, not even those that survive the abortion-cult cleansing rituals. To the progressive left, advocating for better education for minority students is “racist.” Because, you know, #BlackLivesMatter, but one shouldn’t actually try to do anything about it, other than march in the streets, hold signs, get on TV, and […]

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – racist

by Skip September 6, 2015

Certainly if a conservative or Republican uttered these words, they’d be labeled as a RAAAACCCIIISSST, right?  Yet, the Left remained silent back at that time: (H/T: Liberal Logic 101, backup at National Review)

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Media Racism?

by Steve MacDonald July 20, 2015
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c/o of the Media Research Center and MRCTV, we’ve got this (awesome) mashup of media clips and the question, “Have you ever thought the media was trying to divide us, but couldn’t put your finger on how?” Take a minute and see if you can figure it out…

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It’s time New Hampshire taxpayers stop funding Planned Parenthood

by Kimberly Morin July 17, 2015

In an editorial yesterday, the Union Leader called Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling dead baby body parts a “Harvest of Horror.” This is only scratching the surface of the horror show known as Planned Parenthood. The organization was conceived by well-known racist Margaret Sanger along with eugenicists to “cull the less desirables.” With Planned Parenthood’s […]

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‘Democrats’ Horrible Racist Past’

by Steve MacDonald July 7, 2015
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Bill Whittle takes us down memory-hole lane to explore some of the real history of the Democrat party. H/T Susan Olsen

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Governor Hassan vetoes women’s rights. Allows discrimination to continue

by Kimberly Morin July 6, 2015

Today Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed Senate Bill 116 aka Constitutional Carry. Proponents of this bill have implored Governor Hassan to end almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination, racism and gender bias but Hassan chose to allow it to continue.

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New Hampshire, heal thyself

by Susan Olsen June 28, 2015

Written by white woman who lives in a state that has a 92-year old law on the books, written by Democrats, that legalized discrimination and racism, a law Governor Hassan has vowed to keep intact… Maybe she should take a look at New Hampshire’s “delusional idealization”….  

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New York New York

by Susan Olsen June 25, 2015

“Since we’re debating flags and such, this is the official seal of Whitesboro New York pic.twitter.com/X9MHG8tc3x“ H/T Ace

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One word: 2016

by Susan Olsen June 23, 2015

hypocrisy (n.) c. 1200, from Late Latin hypocrisies; from Greek hypokrisis “acting on the stage, pretense“; from hypokrinesthai “play a part, pretend…” The Concord Fishwrap apparently has less shame than I ever gave it credit. Knowing full well that the NH Democrat Governor in 1923 – Fred Brown – signed into law a bill that […]

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“Suitable” is in the eyes of the boss, er, Maggie Hassan

by Susan Olsen June 23, 2015

By vowing to veto SB 116, Maggie Hassan seems comfortable allowing local law enforcement to have complete discretion in deciding who is “suitable“… I wonder whether this gentlemen agrees with that decision.

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SIGN THE PETITION – Tell Governor Hassan to END state-sanctioned discrimination!

by Kimberly Morin June 22, 2015

The Women’s Defense League has been fighting to end sanctioned discrimination, gender bias and racism since last year. They have been working to pass Senate Bill 116 which will END the state allowing police chiefs to discriminate at their will.  Sign the petition and HELP THEM push even more to END this!

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State-sponsored racism – NH RSA 159:6

by Susan Olsen June 22, 2015
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Notable Quote – Kathy Sullivan

by Susan Olsen June 21, 2015

She might want to speak with her pal Maggie Hassan.  By vetoing SB 116, Miz Hassan will prove the SHE does believe in state-sponsored racism. Or perhaps Miz Sullivan agrees that who’s “suitable” should be left to discretion.

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Laundering Racism

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2015
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Q:If a Liberal is doing laundry and they separate the colors from the whites…is that a micro-aggression, “hate-speech,” or just straight-out racist? A: None of those things, but if a Republican does this it is all of the above.

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Clinton Campaign “Racist” Right Out Of The Gate

by Steve MacDonald April 16, 2015
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This is…priceless. (TWS) The second-time presidential candidate wants to “make even small-dollar donors feel like they are part of the inner circle.” Based on the campaign’s website, however, expectations for those “small-dollar donors” who speak Spanish are considerably lower than those for their English-speaking counterparts. The main donation page for the site includes preset amount buttons for […]

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Are You White? Then You Are A Racist

by Steve MacDonald March 18, 2015
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This is why Obama Took over College loans.  So he could ensure that moon-bats like Prof. Robin DiAngelo had a steady fiscally excessive income (for her skill-set) and a steady stream of young minds to mess with.   (Follow the link at your own risk.) Here’s a sample… “For white people, their identities rest on […]

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1923 – 2015: A proud tradition of discrimination and sexism

by Susan Olsen February 10, 2015

“…there is no reason to change it now.” – Zandra Rice Hawkins, Granite State Progress In her comments on yesterday’s discussion of SB 116 – “Constitutional Carry” – Miz Hawkins relies on 90 years of profiling folks to determine who is and who isn’t “suitable” enough to be allowed to discretely carry a loaded firearm.  […]

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#WhitePrivilege – yeah, certainly works well for Rev Al Sharpton, eh?

by Skip January 5, 2015

Al Sharpton must think so – tax cheat, advisor to Obama, advisor to self-avowed Communist & NYC Mayor DiBlasio (have you figured out he hates his own NYPD cops yet?), has his own show on MSNBC, and corporations blithely seem to allow him to shake them down for “race cash”. Yup, that #WhitePrivilege working for him! […]

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So, you want to elect a Racist to be President? Apparently, Hillary Clinton fits the bill

by Skip January 1, 2015

After all, if you are all out praising a Racist for what she’s done, how is that any different for Hillary and Sanger than what we are seeing with the current Scalise and the kerfuffle on speaking at a white supremacist group (or not, as the case is turning out to be), why can’t we […]

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Short People

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2014
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This Michelle Obama story about her interaction with a short person is all over the internet today.  Short people, tall people, Target, racism something-something. And this was a hit song a few decades back. Can I say ‘how far we have fallen’ or is that vertical racism as well?

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Why how DARE Rich Lowry bring personal responsibility into a Liberal talk on racism!

by Skip December 1, 2014

THAT was absolutely SO fun to watch!  While the Meet The Press liberal press roundtableres were talking about racism and the tension between “communities of color” and law enforcement yesterday, I noticed that one thing was REALLY missing – any talk concerning individual decisions, actions, behaviors, and accountability. And then Rich Lowry started in – talk […]

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