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Make Mine A Daniels, Charlie, That Is!

by Mike May 9, 2018

Country Music star, Charlie Daniels, speaks out against ‘Establishment Pharisees, warns that average “rank-and-file” Americans soon will be facing “dangerous precedents” because of the establishment war against the president…’ This almost counts as Quote of the Day: “Whether you hate Trump or love him, if you will be truthful and look behind the curtain and […]

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Quote Of The Day – Sergey Lavrov:
No News And No Truth In US Media!

by Mike May 21, 2017

When Americans check “Russia Today” for an alternative perspective to the garbage being fed to us by the Lamestream Media, and when the Russian Foreign Minister compares US news “sources” unfavorably to the propaganda organs of then old Soviet Union, you know the have sunk pretty darned low. From a speech by Sergey Lavrov, via […]

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Quote Of The Day: The REAL Sickness On The Left

by Mike September 13, 2016

From ConservativeHQ.com – the real reason Hillary is being propped up at any cost: “The Clintons and their Far Left allies are concealing her illness not for the sake of her privacy, but because the truth blocks their path to power. And that craven lust for power, and their willingness to tell any lie to […]

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Thinking of Non-Scary: Quote Of The Day

by Mike May 20, 2015

Found this absolute classic from Jonah Goldberg, in a piece entitled “Jeb Has Bigger Problems than His Iraq War Stumble” “Despite raising more money than his brother did, the Jeb Bush campaign has only managed to scare off Mitt Romney.” Ouch!! H/T Joe Miller’s “Restoring Liberty“

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QOTD: The Economist On Barry’s Fed Debacle

by Mike September 17, 2013

After lamenting the hash Obama made of promoting Larry Summers as the best man for the job, The Economist (which leans left toward stimulus) opined that the Fed would be fine in the end(!) but: “Mr Obama’s second term may be another matter. He had called the selection of the Fed chairman one of the […]

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Quote Of The Day – The Daily Mail’s Simon Heffer On Nigel Farage And The UKIP

by Mike May 8, 2013

“[Nigel] Farage is a Technicolor man in a monochrome political class. To the chattering classes, his brash, confident, matey, plain-spoken persona makes him something of a demon. But to millions of voters he’s someone with whom they can identify, and who avoids the nuanced language of almost all other politicians.” Why does this man generate […]

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Quote Of The Day – Jean-Claude Juncker

by Mike March 25, 2013

This one’s a classic: Art Cashin of UBS caught Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the Euro [currency] Group, in a moment of rare and revealing candor: One Sentence Perfectly Describes The Quandary On Three Continents – The ultimate award for candor and honesty must go to Jean-Claude Junker (Prime Minister of […]

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